I'm My Soldier's Soldier-another Subject:time And Ntc

Time is an elusive ****** thing in today's Army world. You never have time for anything. ANYTHING! If they do give you time, you usaully have ALOT of it and you usaully end up having fights with your soldier because you have nothing to talk about and it bugs you that he's so quiet. If youre far away from him, silent times can make your imagination run absolutely ****** bonkers! When he's the busiest in training, thats when you will need him the MOST and it sucks. Serious things always seem to come up when he's not around to talk. It's ******! Lovely stuff, training is-NOT! When you eventually get to talk to him, you thank God he's alive and that you'll never sin again as long as he's safe! Just 2 days before, you were thinking "gosh! its been a week! did he fall in battle? Is he missing in action? in training? FUCCCKKKK! I need to talk to him! I could use a drink.." Then he calls and you project your gratefullness to the phone. "Oh mighty phone! I worship thee for tranfering via electronic signals and sattelite his precious voice into my ever waiting ear! WAIT. I'm worshiping a my phone...."  (of course this is all said in your head..) (i hope?) LOL Then you get around to worshiping the Lord for 2 maybe 3 seconds when youre through talking to him. His voice is precious any time, big or small conversation. It could be "boogedy fleepy bonk bonk I love you,goodbye!" or "ookedy ackedy bonk boing goingy flinky hoppy ploppy fook fook  I Lo__-- the line cuts out" Know what i'm talking about?  NTC is time frozen for you and hell for the both of yous. Time goes by slower than ****** molasses as an army wife. For him its hell in the desert. Time is a gift yes,sure, but thank God extra for the time you have with your soldier here on God's green earth,man. Take the time to thank God for time. anyways, thats all i have to say bout that.

downbytheriver11 downbytheriver11
18-21, F
Feb 28, 2010