A Phone Call.=)

wow how can a simple minute and thirty second phone call just make your week.

my baby just called me just to say ..i love you and I'm k and I'm thinking about you and it immediately brought on a bunch of emotions

i wanted to cry and smile all at the same time....i know hes only in boot camp but i miss him like crazy and i treasure those phone calls so much

i had to sit down and just breathe after we hung up because i just wanted to cry..

does anyone ever feel this way?

Bunnypie18 Bunnypie18
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5 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Awh that's so soon!<br />
My guys at Fort Jackson S.C. & he doesn't graduate till may.<br />
I'm doing ok. Today was a hard day but everyone has those.<br />
How are you holding?

well theres 16 days till i get to see him!!!!!=D!!ah im soooo excited im pretty sure those days will pass by fast..right now hes in Fort Knox in kentuky but in april 8 ill finally be able to hug him and kiss him again =D<br />
where is yours??and how much longer? how are you holding up?

I felt the same way when my guy called me. He is also at basic so I know what you're going through.<br />
How long has he been gone & where?<br />
<br />
Feel free to message me.

Yeah I so know that feeling!! Thats how I am been! Where is he going to Basic at and what branch?

I do, everytime...