Substance Wins.....

It's been a while since I've last commented. Everything has been ripped to hell. The person I fell in love with is gone. I hate spice. I hate drugs. This time it's over really....I can't do it anymore. My love isn't enough to keep him straight. He will seek these douche bag losers out everytime!!!! So now I find out he is doing meth too? Dear God!!!! But he doesn't admit that part still. It's been two months since I've had to remove him from here. The spice was so extreme. He is spiraling out of control quickly and he will expect me to try to save him. Because I always do....but I can't this time. It's destroying me as a person. This is something he has to do now. Something for himself. The hardest thing I had ever done was divorcing the man I love but stepping back and letting him fall is going to be so much harder. I'm giving it to God and I refuse to interfere. :(
Frustrated0502 Frustrated0502
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Wow! This woman will listen to anyone! She can't stand it if someone wants to do anything to chill after work! And if she can't control me she stays bitching! I quit spice, and am not on anything! And she's lost me because.