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I have been talking to a guy for around four to five years. He is kind and caring I think. I like talking to someone that listens to me. Through the years I have actually come across many jerks. People that didn't care much for me. They let me know it too. The thing is I didn't recognize and I started losing my self worth. Now I am trying to give the ones in my life that deserve it more credit. It can be tricky to notice something wrong.
From past expenrience I can tell you this.

If a person is persistently rude or agressive there may be something wrong.

If a person makes threats against you even once, you should tell them not to threaten you. If it keeps up, turn it in or go to a trusted family member or staff that you trust to help you.

If someone won't let you talk and keeps interrupting you, the best thing to do is leave before it escalates.

If someone is trying to not let you go somewhere or do something ask why, if they don't answer tell them they need to respect you. Get help if it keeps up. (if you have to tell a little white lie to get away from them do so, then you can get some help)

Please keep these and use them when you think you need to.
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Jan 9, 2013