In Love.....

He told me he loved me. We met online and have known each other a year now. I knew that i loved him for a few months now but i wanted to wait for him to say it first. He knew that was how i felt and that i wasn't trying to rush him into anything, especially after we were both hurt so badly in our past relationships. I gave him his space and waited for him to feel the same way. I had my little clues (undeniable electricity, connection) before hand but guessing at it and hearing the words aren't the same. Now that i have i am so glad, it was well worth the wait.
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I know how you feel me and my girlfriend meet long distance dealing with a job. She lived in AZ and I lived in Michigan. We have been together now for 3 years and love her more then I can tell people.

New love is one of the reasons that keep people trying