And People Can't Be Happy For Me

I have the best boyfriend in the world. Yeah, sometimes he annoys me, but he still means everything to me. There's a problem though. No one can be happy for me. At first everyone was, but now everyone judges us. We spoil each other a lot and everyone talks ****. I don't care, because I know that they're just jealous. But it's still annoying. If people can't except that hes a big part of my life now, I dont care if they're a part if mine anymore. I'm going to marry him. I dont care what anyone thinks.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Nikki - the only person whose approval you really need is your own. If you've got a strong head on your shoulders and can differentiate right from wrong, I'd say you really shouldn't bother about other folks getting jealous. Don't do anything you're not okay or comfortable with, work towards building a life together and enjoy the gifts. And your relationship :-).

You're 17 !
And if the two of you are so in love, prove to everyone else that you deserve a chance at being together. Work at getting into good universities, graduate with honors and get great jobs that pay you well. You'll end up showing everyone that you are capable of taking the right decisions. And then, when you've proved that you can pay for your own way in life - feel free to do as you please.
Just don't end up another nameless, faceless statistic - a pregnant teen with no prospects of a decent job or a comfortable lifestyle.

Deffinately won't be getting pregnant. And we both have full time jobs l. I'm in school he's in college. I'm just saying people are jealous because he spoils me. Uggs. Miss mes. Diamonds ring. Louis Vuitton wallet and purse.