This is my first ever relationship. I'm 17 soon to turn 18. Prior to this relationship I had always been single and wanted to be loved. I had no confidence whatsoever; I didn't think anyone would ever want to be in a relationship with me. I thought I was too gross to be in a relationship, for any guy to ever like me. Then I met this guy who is 24 years old about just over a month ago.

He is so sweet to me and does appear to love me. He's super cute also with amazing muscles (his biceps are cray!) so I can't believe my luck. He treats me so kindly and has done a lot for me. He makes me laugh also. I really do believe I am in love. We have made love 3 times now and each experience was great. I still can't believe I am actually in a relationship. I have battled low self esteem for a long time now although it has gotten better.

For years I watched my friends get into relationships and silently envied them. I literally thought that I would be forever alone. My other half says that I drive him crazy, that I make him go 'gaga'. That I'm his boo and his baby. I love when I go round his and we just lie on his bed, him kissing my cheek, us holding hands and him tenderly stroking my legs.

I love cuddling with him. I love talking to him and being with him. I hate having to leave his flat and go back to mine. Every time I'm not with him I miss him so much. I think about him all throughout the day. Whenever he messages me it gives me butterflies. He just makes me so happy. I hope our love continues to grow strong. I truly do believe he is a good guy. We're the same height but I don't even care because he is so kind to me. I love him :)
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We broke up :(