Homeless Room Renter

My down spiraling life has finally stopped because I took control of my situation and got out of the abusive trap that my hateful daughter forced me into.  The reason I finally found the strength to leave was when I was having a really bad flare up and couldn't walk and the selfish woman that I was renting the room from came to the room I rented and told me that I had to get up and give the children to their mothers when they came to pick them up at 11:30p.  It was 9:15p and she wanted to ride with her 38 year old son to pick up her grown-married with four children daughter from another city which meant an overnight stay. This is the second time that she had passed off the responsibility of HER day care business on me for the same reason and this time was terrible for me because like I said I could barely walk and she pressed me with the care of 4 year olds an 18 month old and a 2 year old.  I was shuffling doing the best I could just to get to and from the restroom and now this. On top of that bad deed the daughters coming for a four day weekend meant that I would have to clean up behind them as well as the card players and any body else who stopped by.  It was enough and I packed my things and went to a hotel first then I was able to find a room to rent and I have been able to lay down when I need to, sit down when I have to and not work beyond my physical ability hurting and crying about it every night because I could nothing about it.  This woman actually had the nerve to get mad because I'd left!  Her concern was not having me under her control, doing her job 12 hours a day 5 days a week because now SHE has to do it! I am permanently traumatized by this 2 month long awful, awful experience.  Now I am looking forward to finding another home of my own and I will not ever jeopardize my security again and I should NEVER have trusted my lying, using, two faced daughter like I did not even for my grand kids sakes. LESSON LEARNED!!!
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Apr 21, 2007