I Love My Boyfriend But....

It is so weird for me to be in this predicament b/c I'm a woman and I think its usually the other way think around. I have been w my bf for almost 2 yrs though we've known each other for 20. We don't live together, he is over 16 years older than me (I'm 45) and has prostrate issues so I know that is part of the problem but when we were first together it didn't cause a problem at all. It was almost like he was a teenager. Although it wasn't the greatest sex and he isn't oral (but likes receiving oral). He would still pls me other ways. Now he doesn't even do that and says his libido is totally gone since taking this new prostrate drug. His prostrate started acting up over a year ago and that's when it all went down hill. We hv talked about it, he knows I want it and doesn't even do anything to meet my needs.

He is generous in other ways, kind and compassionate. He is 1 of my best friends and I enjoy our talks and time spent w each other. I'm not prepared to leave this relationship, I've been through too many failed relationships and always the 1 to break up with my bf's. But I'm to the point if an opportunity presented itself for intimacy w someone or even a booty call I would take it and i don't think I would feel guilty. It doesn't mean I want to leave my relationship. If he ever found out I think he should understand!
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41-45, F
May 9, 2012