Terribly Lonely

I feel such terribly loneliness all the time. I'm home alone all day with my two kids a three year old and a three month old. My boyfriend leaves for work at 5:30 am and doesn't get back until 6:30 pm sometimes later.And when he comes home he doesn't want to spend time with me. He would rather watch football or play madden. I don't understand how I can miss him so much and he can go the whole day without even thinking about me. When we first got together we would have sex all the time, now he acts like he doesn't even want me. He used to tell me that I was beautiful. He barely looks at me anymore. The only time he really pays attention to me is when i'm having a fit and complaining about how unhappy I am. But, it doesn't change anything. I feel ugly and useless. And I try so hard to be the perfect girlfriend and mother. I just want him to want me like he used to. I want him to love me and act like i'm important to him.
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I am trying to understand this as well after doing a few self discovery. I appear to be sexless with my previous girlfriend (I ended it with her in end simply because she was too clingy while at work i asked her not to keep ringing loads of times a day, she said she was having sex with some guy, so I ended it). I also tend to push away other ladies who flirt with me too simply because I am not attracted to them. Im not gay either. I rarely think sexual things.

When my ex did go sexual with me, I was not able be satifsfied by it as she always said I ow you one. We never had an intercourse because. Many says I am a guy who doesnt like sex. I always believed I was A-Sexual.

However I am extremely cuddly to a person.

Do you want him to ACT like your important to him or do you want it to be the truth? Your focused on him way too hard and if you continue to focus like this it will only push him further away.Men handle feelings like love and stress differently than women do but it doesn't mean they care less.Playing video games is his way of unwinding and relaxing after a long day at work.If you want him to show you attention like he used to your going to have to give him some space in a mature way. Don't tell him what your doing but just focus on enjoying your own company, sexual, and non-sexual.This is reverse psychology.Eventually he will become jealous of how much fun your having by yourself and he will ask to be a part of the action.