Sexually Frustrated

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. I am 39 and he is 33. We we have a child together, our sex life for the first year was amazing and started slowly declining down to maybe 5 times a year, maybe! The problem is I beg and plead and then it will be for only 5 minutes. The last 3 times he has had a difficult time becoming hard. He drinks everyday (a 40), will do a few other things as well and I think this lifestyle has caught up with him. When he doesn't keep it up, he gets embarrassed but makes not attempt to satisfy me at all. He hasn't done oral none in years. It's becoming too much to bare. I am very much a relationship type but I feel myself not caring as long as I fulfill these needs that are making me burst at the seems! I just feel like he's selfish and his extracurricular things are affecting me.
Melody0923 Melody0923
36-40, F
Dec 10, 2012