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I have been dating this guy since march of 2012. At first we had sex every night, and it was great! after about 3 months or so, it changed to where we would have sex about once a week. then he got a job. from then on, he has been less sexual, and has just been ************ instead. I thought at first "its not that big of a deal, ya know, he does it when I am not around to have sex with...its more like every time i leave the house he feels like he needs to "rub one off". we had a talk when he told me he had been doin it every time i leave the house. I was understanding but now he says that its too much work to have sex with me. he is tired from work and its easier just to go jack off. Iast night was bad for me though. I made suggestions, got in some sexy lingerie and waited for him to "be ready." after about 3 hours of waiting for him to notice me, i rolled over and told him to not be afraid to wake me up. 20 minutes later i wake up, and he jumps up and runs off to the bathroom. i hear some noise but i just take it as me over reacting again. he comes out smelling like my lotion and i said something about it. he looked at me and told me that yes he just had "the urge". I am a very sexual being, and i need sex. there might be something wrong with me but I am the kind of girl that feels that anytime is appropriate. i told him that if he let me know i would even help him out. he come back with "ok so every time i feel like rubbin one out i will just expect head then?" at least i would feel involved in some sort of sexual activity. and then when he is done maybe i could get somethin out of it. i just feel it is really selfish. i also feel that he may be doing this because he is afraid of getting me pregnant. we are not ready for another child in the house just yet, and i may be pregnant now.
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wow i was unaware that this is 5 months old as well are you still together and have things changed since?

im very jealous and would love a women like you, asking to help when things get hard, when i get the urge i just assume that i have to take it on myself because my girlfriend is barely spontaneous with things like that and usually only does it when she gets something out of it too. with that being said your man is gay as hell! do me a favor and check the history of his pages and see what he is watching, maybe he is into a new fetish that you can deliver to him secretly or maybe he is into some really weird **** that he gets turned onto that you cant do/or deliver. im really curious to how this pans out please keep updating.

no i am not preg, but things are just getting worse. I caught him watching ****, and he clicked out of it real fast and minimized it, but i still saw it. i then offered to give him some head and he rejected me. i cant take much more of this. I just REALLY do not understand!!

it doesnt seem like things are getting better