She's Just Not Into Me...

I wanted to get married, to have a family and I was told that she wanted the same. It's been almost 8 years and we're not married and nor does she want to get married now and although she will tell everyone that she wants us to have a family, yet we haven't had sex on a regular basis in almost 7 years and our last love making session was almost two years ago.

I listen to how she interacts with friends and close family and then she talks to me as if it's a chore and as if I am bothering her.

I know that this has to do with her past relationships, her relationship with her father and her male relatives...I have tried to understand, to conform to what she would like but it's still not enough and I can feel myself getting more and more frustrated every day. I love her but I really feel that she doesn't love me the same...duh.


muddlemind muddlemind
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

It sounds like she doesn't love you any more, but doesn't want to be the one to break it off. You can keep wishing and hoping or you can set yourself free so you can move on and eventually find the relationship you desire to have.