I'm a 22 year old female in a loving committed relationship of 1 year with a 30 year old man. The relationship is great except when it comes to sex. The sex is good when we do have it but it's not often enough for me. He has no sex drive I try to get him horny and I get turned down. I'm starting to feel unattractive and unwanted. I have talked to him about it and he told me he has no wants or desires to have sex. He also has told me he feels uncomfortable haveing sex with me due to my age. I'm feeling all kinds of emotions and not sure how to handle this? I know sex isn't the most inportant thing in a relationship but I want it. Am I selfish to continue to try with someone who has no intrest ?
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I have been with my partner for only 3 months and he told me that I am like a dog with a bone all because I asked if we could spend time together. He has been distant since he lost his job and we barely have sex anymore and if I mention it he has a go at me

Sex is tremendously important in a relationship. Sex & money kill marriages if you aren't compatible. Leave soon if no improvement.


My advice... leave him