I Had Hopes For Today...

But no. We didn't have sex. He didn't have work today, and the day I got my period he said he really wanted to. I know some people like to have sex during periods, but we don't like to. Today, that it's finally over and he didn't have work, we didn't do anything. I was trying to kiss him on our way home, and he'd do this fish-like face every time I tried to give him an intimate kiss. It was so annoying that he'd try to joke while I was trying to be intimate and sweet.

Just a few hours ago he told me he was going to do something in the computer and that he'd meet me in the room in a few minutes. A few minutes turned into what seemed about an hour, and that's when I knew he wasn't really interested in doing anything sexual at all. Now, he's sleeping and I feel like ****. A old friend seemed to have read my mind because he joked about wanting to bang me. I dropped it quite quickly, but a part of me wants to take that joke into something a bit serious and flirt with him for a while. I just know it'll lead to him calling me for sex or flirting with me in the future, which I don't want. I just want physical satisfaction right now.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

When I read the part in your story about him making the fishface it made me think of my relationship! My significant other is like that as well. anytime we try and kiss, she just jokes around. She always wants to cuddle but that's it. I recommend getting a vibrator to keep you a) sane and b)from calling your friend.

gosh i ve the same :( i really dnt know what to tell u as i ve tried so many thingd, i tried seducing, sex toys,crying ,arguing even today it makes me so f&&** unatractive i told him crying that im unhappy n he said 'fine, today we will ve lots of sex' like its THAT SIMPLE. that he will kindly f&&* me out of charity. the most painful thig is that he doesnt look like it bothers him at all that we r not having sex. im sad:(

Bless ya. :( makes me sad reading this. I'm exactly the same. No intimate kissing just get the fish face. Makes me feel so gross frumpy n disgusting as a young woman. Iv had it out with my other half Agee times n i get the same ****. He's unhappy about himself etc but does naff all about it!! Iv also had the 'pitty' sex which I didn't accept as again, it's not tht simple!! Plus it'd just be crap anyway as the emotionally aspect will be gone! I also dnt no what to do. I'm travelling ATM with my bf n we stay all over so sometimes when ppl r around I know we cnt have sec but when ppl aren't around..... Yeh we'll I'm lost for answer tbh

Haha! He may be get a little offended and work a little extra! ;D I should definitely buy some.