56 And Still A Virgin

I've known this woman since I was 18 at the time she was 36 and married.

I somehow lost contact with her and after my father died I met her again. We knew a lot about each other from the time that we first met.

She was still married but was unhappy with her marriage. We started going out a lot and after a while we got intimate.

I was a 31-year old virgin and this was my first sexual experience. As you can plainly see I was very excited that I was finally trasforming into manhood.

I really enjoyed the exploration of her body and I also enjoyed eating her out. It was better that way because she didn't have to guide me in.

Her husband died and we got married and were married for 9-years and we had to get a divorce (another story). It was a friendly divorce and to this day we still live together.

Now, since we are divorced I haven't had sex with her or anyone else in 13-years. Whenever I try to get close she says " stop that fruit ****" it really gets frustrating.

To satisfy myself I rely on internet pornsites and  pics of nude women on my homepage. I also watch free sex videos online.

I finally have to rely on "Rosy" to satisfy my sexual tension and enjoyment. Thank God for "Rosy" if it wasn't for 'Her' I'd really go 'Bananas'.

My ex-wife's son and daughter understand my sexual frustration. Her daughter has offered to buy a 'Pocket *****' so I relieve my sexual frustrations.She has also offered to fix me up with one of her friends.

My ex-wife's take on this is, "OH NO, as long as he is living in my house he is not allowed to see other women".

I am very frustrated.

Jmything Jmything
Mar 16, 2010