Each Child Can Be So Different

I can relate to comprehensive2's experience...I have twins a boy((navy) and a girl(Air Force).  I think I must have spoiled my daughter because she'll go for ages not talking to me...If she gets sick she sometimes calls..The other day she needed money urgently and I sent it...She paid me right back when she got it but no matter how much she says she loves me,,actions speak louder than words.  She is now stationed in N. CA and she will come in for the week end and spend it with her grandmother and Aunt but she tells me she is busy working...I just found out that she spends some weekends with them...I do not get on with my sister..no one else in the family does...Thank goodness for my son who keeps in touch with me constantly...And thank God for my 7 yr old Grand daughter...My husband, their stepfather died some time ago...He was a great Dad to them and they loved him  but he did tell me that some children (and they are all different ) are some times so ungrateful, selfish.  
csan csan
61-65, F
Jul 19, 2007