Moving Forward

I have met the perfect man. I may be young, and this relationship is only 7months old (as of today ;) ) but I really and truly feel this!!
I told him full out what a submissive means and how the relationship can, if he is willing, alter slightly. He just nodded and afterwards held me tight, whispering to me every now and then how much he loved me as I fell asleep.
I didn't think he took it totally seriously, but after a great day (and some spanking, woo! firs time! haha) I thanked him for truly taking me as I am.
He says "I just want to give my baby what she needs. I love you Heather."
He really does understand, and I never mentioned my NEED or long time feelings about this. He just knew and immediately changed his perspective of how to care for me properly. I've never been happier.
MissHeater17 MissHeater17
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012