At The Beginning

I really want my other half to take me in hand, not because I'm weak but because I want him to take us seriously! We were away recently and we had the greatest intimacy that we had had for sometime. In those moments I found out he still wanted me and that I had miss read the situation because we no longer know who is in charge. So I took the first step- he wants me to be hair free in various areas, and I have asked him to read the taken in hand web site. He is busy doing this now as I write to tell the world we are taking the first steps.

I would like to feel safe, to know that he loves me unconditionally and that I don't have to be in charge al the time. Lets hope he rises to the challenge and takes control of our relationship. I read with envy the postings of how you all felt safe and loved and cherished, I envy the intamacy that is felt between 2 people who trust each other with everything that makes them a couple.

I hope we make it because I long to belong if that makes any sense. Or should I say whole - if that's not too old fashioned a view.

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Once you work out a system that works for you all it is the greatest feeling in the world. Me and the love of my life has been together for 8years and we have had ups but mostly downs. I have always had to have control cause that is how I was raised due to medical issues my dad had. So I have ran everything well in doing so I have walked all over my love. I did not start to see this til about a week ago when I found this website. So to say we are new at this but I can say we are closer now than I think we ever were. Give it time do not rush into. It is trail and error. But I swear once you work it out you will never feel more right and he will never feel more like a man. Good luck wish you the best

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We floundered in our relationship fro sometime before I managed to finally reveal that I wanted to take a more dominant role. It was scary to finally admit that to her, but I was tired of not being who I am really. Things have looked up ever since. There is a natural order to things and we are both very fine with that!