Public Submission

We were lying in bed the other day in post-coital bliss and my wife asked me if I ever though about her submitting to me in front of others. She told me it's something she thinks about and she hopes that she will be able to do it if I ask.

Since then, it's been a recurring thought of mine (it's gone beyond fantasy) to have her do exactly this. She and her sister have a very honest and loving relationship. I can't imagine doing this in front of anyone else but in front of her sister I can completely imagine it. I think it would feel right to both of us and I'm becoming more and more emboldened to the idea. I imagine it going something like this:

Me: Have you told your sister how things have changed between us?
Her: What do you mean?
Me: What do you call me when we're alone?
Her (after looking a bit embarrassed): Sir... or Master.
Me: And what will you do for me?
Her: Anything...
Me: Come kneel in front of me. (she does) Look up at me. (she does) What do you think I'm going to ask you to do now?
Her: (pauses) Take you in my mouth.
Me: And would you do that? Right here in front of your sister?
Her: (a longer pause) Yes, Master.
Me: Good. You can go sit down now.

While my fantasy often degenerates into her performing a sex act in front of her sister, the reality is that none of the three of us would probably like that. In fact, I think taking her to the brink of that and then NOT asking that of her would build a huge volume of trust between us.
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I think that's a natural reaction and I don't judge you for it. I would clarify a couple things though.<br />
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No one would ever consider our relationship (as a whole) to be D/s or BDSM. There are certainly D/s aspects in the bedroom. She's naturally submissive and has only become more so. But in our day to day lives there's very little interaction that an outsider would even recognize as TiH, let alone D/s or BDSM.<br />
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She calls me Sir or Master out of respect to me. Just as Sarah called Abraham Master (that's a comparison she brought up, not me). She only calls me that when we're alone (or sometimes in a half-mocking, secret joke kind of way when others are around). But we've (mutually) decided that "Darling" works as our code for that when we're in public. She still calls me by my actual name sometimes too.<br />
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My wife wants to be my "help-meet". She WANTS to "subordinate her will" to me. She struggles with it at times and it disappoints her when she doesn't do it properly. It's been a very weird experience for me because, while I (obviously) enjoy it, it's not something I would have ever sought. But now that she's opened this door it's led to a whole different world for both of us.