Day 4 Of My 60 Day Plan

After reading the 60 Day plan by another poster. I noticed many of the same problems we were having when we tried it. Bottom line I just wasn't taking her to the point of remorse for her actions. Much like the other poster, my wife has been sitting pretty and spoon fed how fabulous she is from the day she was born. Rude, disrespectful and selfish were my main problem. Spending for her was up and down, but not crazy. After reading the manual/60 day plan, I knew I had an opportunity.

Following it step by step. Saturday was her day, so she went to the spa, massage, nails, dinner, concert then to bed. A brief conversation and contract signing at dinner, it was all to "the plan". Next morning, Take away the money, give her a cash budget, stay calm. At first she said " take it, I don't care". So much of the day she fine, but refused to make dinner. OK. My toddler son and I went out to dinner and ice cream and he rode the train at the mall. Got him a toy at the toy store. Came home and she was furious. I told her that after our son went to bed, she would be getting her first spanking. Her eyes were wide. She refused and attempted to back out of the deal. Told her that we were now in DD relationship and she gave me control over her. Still many complaints, but i just ignored her.

The time has come, I had my hand, a paddle and belt handy. This was not going to be easy, She attempted to seduce me, plead with me and then came the defiance. I instructed her to always have a T-Shirt and panties and to be waiting on the bed quietly. Quiet does not come easy to my wife, she never shuts up. Let her sit on the bed for about 10 minutes while I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. Came in and she was sitting on the bed and reading. I told her that she did not follow instructions. I then told her pull down her panties and get over my knee. We did 15 min with the hand. Then I had to let her know that we were using a paddle and if she squirmed or block or said rude things we would use the belt. I lectured her on her behavior and her expectations with the house, attitude and her dinner were to be. I told her she had to be quiet or we would start over. It took about 30 minutes until she was fully crying. Then I gave her 10 more and she had to count down. She was exhausted, and I was too. She attempted to just crawl into bed, but I grabbed her by the arm and over to the corner. Right off the bat she refused. I said to stay in the corner for 15 min, panties down and arms folded. If she gets leaves or talks it would be 5 min with the paddle and start over the time. We did this 6 times. But she did it!
OH MY FU($ing GOD! IT WORKED! I gave her a kiss and a hug and told her I loved her. She was very sweet and replied back as well. Told her for the next 60 days, every time she stepped out of line, this would happen.

I set the clock for 8 AM, I woke her up. I let her know that she would have morning and nightly duties to my pleasure. I threw in the "no panties at night (as per the 60 day manual). She didn't even hesitate and I was happily done by 8:07 and I was up and in the shower. She came in and complained that she could not sit. I took a look and agreed that it looked sore. Over breakfast that she cooked for me (that never happens by the way) I let her know that every Sunday night she would be getting a maintenance spanking. The only question she had was, "Will it be like last night" My response was "YES!". She didn't day a word.  Got dressed and left for work.
Came home to a clean house and happy wife, wonderful dinner. She cleaned up, did some laundry. I played with my son, watched some TV with my wife and was serviced before bed. The next 2 days have been the same. I am so happy. My wife is happy. I actually love being with her again.

I know that I must continue this, but If I can keep up with this, I may just "break" my wife into being a sweet and wonderful again. I do agree the trick is to take her past the crying. To the point where she resigns herself to it. The one thing I forgot was to have her explain to me what she did, say sorry and thank me. That will happen next time.

I didn't feel bad when she cried. I guess I know that there is plan that will work. No pain, no gain, right?

So far so good.

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How do we find the 60 day plan manual?!

I really wish my husband would enforce a plan like this. I think I'd learn how to be submitting.

I suggest that together you check out then research If you guys are guys want to proceed, then I would read the 60 day plan manual a few posts before this and follow it to the "T". If you have any questions I would contact the author if that post. He was quite helpful. There are some key aspects your husband needs to know if you want this to work.

will you please email me and tell me who or how or even send me a copy of the 60day plan. we are really wanting to do this we read it befor but just now starting and we cant find it again. i would love it if someone would give my other half some tips i asked for this not him but it seems like he cant do it right idk he is really sweet and lets me walk over him like that and i want that to stop. i dont want to lose him over being a b****. can you please help me fiind the plan or help me contact him somehow. thank you

can you please send me to the 60 day plan I am unable to find it also

Glad to hear it is working.