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I have been married 23 years to a wonderful man. I have often acted out and we would just fight over that, but a year ago we started something new. It was my idea and it took awhile to convince him to try a good spanking when I am acting up and not just yelling at me But after a while it seems to work. Am I perfect, not at all. I still act up and argue from time to time. But if I get out of hand or start cursing then He sits quietly and listens till I am done. I usually go to my room hoping he will leave me alone, but I know better. He will come in and tell me to pull my pants down and lay across the bed. He have an old wooden spoon that he prefers. It stings like the dickens and I HATE IT. I didn't mind the brush (till it broke) but the spoon is the worse for me. I have alot of trouble trying to stay still and not yell. He has never spanked me to tears, but sometimes I wish he would. I think I would learn my lesson a bit better, but then again, maybe not. I love him because he takes the time to tell me he is not going to allow me to act in a way that is not appropriate, he takes the time to show me how much it bothers him. He is always concerned about not hurting me too much and never leaving a mark, a red bottom is always there at the end. He walks away when he is done for a few minutes and lets me gather myself and my thougths. He then returns to tell me how much he loves me, to kiss me and then asks me to rejoin him in the living room to finish out our nite.
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my woman does the same thing. the littlest things will set her mouth off. i hate when that happens i generally give her a sharp, "Donna, the mouth!" <br />
i believe that i'm gonna start backing up the words with deeds. maybe that will work?<br />
thank you for the story and a good idea.