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Yesterday I had an awful outburst. I think it was due to sress, but it was awful anyway. Of course my husband spanked me hard for this. I was really contrite, even before the spanking.
Today we were having a nice morning. We took the kids to school together. Everything was ok, till we started an argument because of his mother. It turned out that she thought I had said something - wich I didn't- and then... Well, I don't know really. I guess I overreacted because I felt like he wasn't supporting me. I know he adores her. Maybe I got jealous? I don't think so. I used to like her a lot, but she is so opinionated and has zero recognition to me now...
He told me to calm down inmediately, but I was just furious! I know, this sounds like me just bratting. But that is not the case. I simply can't control my emotions when I get really really mad. Only a few things just make me loose control. This mother in law issue is one of them.
So I was yelling, kicking the car floor... Yes a perfect wife tantrum. I was simply mad. And didn't even think or care about consequences. He was driving so he just kept on defending her, and then I said something like, To ******* with your *****mother!!! Yeah... I know... I digged my own grave, right?
So... He told me he would take care of making me VERY VERY sorry tonight. He was furious...really mad. So I guess I'm in big trouble now. Arghhhh.... And I am still so agravated! I don't feel submissive at all!! I just want to never have to see my mother in law ever again!! Grrrrrr!!!

Sorry. If you read this, you are entitled to think I'm a *****.... Maybe I am.
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I'm really glad to hear that your husband backed you up with her. That is so important.<br />
<br />
As for my second suggestion, OK, you're too shy. Maybe your husband can be the one who says that if it proves to be needed.

Hey I hope all went well for you :)

Thanks!! Second part is "wife tantrum Ii" It went well... In the long term at least :-)

No you most certainly are not a *****. In fact I find you to be a very good and kind hearted person. You are reacting as any human would.

Anonimacy, I think the biggest problem here is the anger you have built up toward your mother-in-law. I have a suggestion.<br />
<br />
I saw on another story that you said one of your MIL's criticisms was that you were too lenient with the children. You said you were coming to think she is right. Do you still feel this way? This offers an opportunity to change the direction of your relationship with her. The Bible says : "If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat;<br />
and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. For so you will heap coals of fire on his head, and the Lord will reward you." (Proverbs 25:21-22). It would be very hard, but I suggest you tell your mother-in-law that you think she was right about her being too lenient on your children and thank her for her concern and her input. If you can do that, it could melt her hard heart toward you. She will probably know she wouldn't be big enough to do that if she were in your shoes. It could make her feel guilty about continuing to be so critical-minded toward you. Don't do it till it's all clear in your mind and you're ready. <br />
<br />
If that doesn't work, I guess tell her you're giving her son great sex whenever and however he wants it, unlike the large majority of wives, just ask him, so she shouldn't be so hard on you, lol.

I wrote this before reading part II.

Thanks CC!! Great advice here.
My husband had a similar idea. He wanted me to talk to her, but he decided to make a previous approach himself.
He told her about my feelings and he completely back me up. He made her feel really sorry for intruding and now she just want to help respectfully only if I need it. It turns out that my sore bottom made me think a lot, lol!! I REALLY need her. She is and always been a mother figure to me. I was just very resentfull and with a lot on anger stored up because I am pretty bad at being critiziced. Maybe my husband was too severe with me about this, but I feel free of all this years of distrust and misunderstandings.
Regarding your second suggestion... No way! LOL! I am endlessly shy!! :-)

I'm glad your husband backed you up. Don't get me wrong, you shouldn't be disrespectful in matters concerning your MIL, I'm sure it puts your husband in a compromised postion, and makes him feel awful. But I do believe that its his responsibility to stand up for you, if your being treated unfairly.

Yes, and I reconsidered my attitude too. It was wrong to react that way. I acussed my HB unfairly and said a lot of crap to him.
He spanked me for that, but he backed up anyway... That was sweet.

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Throwing a temper tantrum should not be tolerated. I hope your husband spanked you hard enough to make that point. I know I would.

He did...

I was intense and over emotional on wednesday night and got spanked because of it too. It was over the court hearing. There are also only a few things that will get me like that and guess what? MIL is also one of them! I think that it is their job to be difficult lol, that's their place in life to be a pain in the ***! I think you just have to accept what you Husband decides and trust him to deal with it. I hope it went ok and you feel better now :o)

Roberta, have you ever considered manteinance for periods such as the one you describe? If so, did it worked?

we kind of have maintenance spankings already, friday nights is date nights and I have a sexy spanking then but not one that would bring me to tears, it's because it's a turn on that I get that kind of spanking. If I feel like I want to be spanked for emotional release, I just ask my Husband, we have an open enough relationship that I don't feel any shame in asking him but luckily, he recognises the signs and knows what I need for a spanking pretty well too.

I've always believed that manteinance are silly, but my husband brought to my attention that I get over emotional every thursday. I couldn't believe it, so I checked my journal and he is right! "Holy Thrusdays", that's how my husband calls them now.
The spankings you get on fridays are mostly erotic I think. I get those too. But they don't have any effect on my mood, appart from arousal, that is. I don't think I could get an emotional release on a scheduled spanking...

All my spankings are pretty scheduled, I know way in advance when I'm getting one. What's so bad about Thursdays lol?

Knowing in advance causes me to be both nervous and excited. It of course hurts so that causes the nervousness. Knowing how much better I am going to feel after the spanking makes me excited to get to the spanking so that I can feel the release and get back to being focused, calm and energized.

I don't know!! Isn't it crazy? I am rather surprised, but it turned out that 80% of my spankings took place on thursdays! Lol! My husband couldn't stopped laughing when he confessed he internally called them Holly Thursdays...

lol, he is coming to the end of his working week and he is losing patience with you lol, you were the same sort of trouble on monday tuesday, wednesday.... lol :o)

Lmao!! :D

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Noo you're not a ***** at all!<br />
We all have our days I think you were aggrivated and stressed and had the right to be. I was too just the other night and wouldn't stop and earned myself my first spanking!

It might help to talk about how you're feeling and explain to him where some of your anger came from (feeling a bit betrayed or like he was taking her side maybe?) before the spanking. It might help mitigate any hard feelings before/after your punishment for the temper tantrum. I hope this helps and I hope all will be forgiven soon :)

Well he's home. Putting children to bed. He looks pretty calm and nice. At least I think we will be able to discuss the situation regarding his mother. I don't think he will let me go away with it tough... This is one of those times when I really need to work to stay commited with this kind of marriage. At least I'm not so mad anymore. His eyes always melt me somehow...