A Monthly Terror

I am a 32 year old mother of two kids (4 and 2).  I run a daycare and have a cake business.  I work countless hours am short tempered and sharp tongued,  now couple that with absolutely RAGING PMS 1and half weeks out of the month and you get why I can try my husband's patience.  Oh and how I do.  I have a very loud and obnoxious flaw about me,  I can throw one royal hissy fit.  Seriously.  All logic, common sense what have you goes out the window.   This was a few years ago and at this particular time I was still working as a project manager in "Corporate America".  I proudly toted the title of ball buster at work and at times had trouble taking off that hat when at home.  :)

This particular morning started off heated.  The kids woke up extra early: 5am as opposed to their normal 630-7ish.  Well this made me cranky, this was before-work coffee, makeup, hair and forensics time (yes, I'm quite the forensics dork) .  The munchkins needed a diaper change, breakfast, bottle, clothing etc (before dropping off to daycare routine) and were being rather uncooperative.  I was at peak PMS, so was charmingly yelling, huffing and puffing, grumbling about why he couldn't get his *** out of bed for once etc, etc, etc.  The noise woke him up, he came out and growled about how I was so loud and they were just being kids etc.  Well, yours truly has an ego and cant seem to leave well enough alone.  Out it came: " Really?  Maybe if you actually woke up earlier you could help and I wouldn't be so F-ing pissed off all the time!  On and on went the tirade.  Just because he was a jerk to me that morning, I wore an outfit he loves: pencil skirt, a fitted top and knee high boots (why you ask? to drive him crazy of course).  I made sure not to acknowledge or make eye contact on my way out of the room, got the kids ready  and as a farewell, slammed the door so hard it shook the condo on my way out.  (yeah again, logic is fleeting in these moments). 

I dropped the kids off at daycare.  See where normal people would put on something soothing and relaxing to assuage their mood, I am the obverse.  I put on Pantera and decided to just go ahead and rage on through my day.  I was on the war path.  I skipped sending him the "Made it to work safely, love you Daddy" text and threw my phone in my desk drawer.  I got the text "Are you done throwing your fit yet?  Or will I have to help  your mood change?"  my response:  "Bite me"  (yes, i know, again logic fleeting, raging PMS, chocolate reserves are dangerously low.)  I turn off my phone.  internal dialogue "whatever, I can rip people six ways from Sunday and not give it a second thought,  I'm winning this one." 

He picks up the kids in the afternoon so I took my time coming home.  Chugged an energy drink (lets just pour a lil gasoline on my already stellar attitude), went shopping for shoes and waltzed in the door yelling at the IT liaison who was complaining about resources for the project I was heading.  Clearly, I had not reached even a modicum of the submissive state he was hoping for.  Without even looking at him, I headed to the kitchen poured myself a shot of tequila and then another.  (I am NOT a drinker) why I decided to do this, I have no idea.  I knew he was watching me so I was probably trying to up the ante ( I know, psycho huh? freakin uterus).  "WHAT?" I yell as he is standing there arms crossed, eyebrow raised (he's so hot, but to hell if I was gonna let him know what I was thinking).  I storm past him or try to only to be brought right back with his left arm.  With his right arm tightly around my waist he gets nose to nose with me and his deep voice rings: "Clearly my stormy lil brat needs some attention."  I push back to no avail "whatever, I don't need anything from you" (again, a normal person would shut up, not yours truly)
"Where are the kids?" I demanded.  "Asleep" as he pushed me in front of him into the living room.  "Stop!  Let GO! "  "You are done telling me what to do lil girl" as he pulled me to his right side and down over his knees.  "You've had quite a day haven't you? he said as he tugged my skirt down over my bottom." I try to pull it back up only to have my hand slapped and pinned to my back. He raised his knee as if all of Virginia wasn't visible enough in that position.

Down came the lacy black panties (yes, i wore them on purpose (they're his favorite), in hopes that if he did try this, he'd get turned on instead of remain steadfast in his resolve)  "OMG its a thong its not like it covers anything!"  WHACK.  over and over again.  Suddenly the ball busting brat screaming profanity and threats was replaced with a very whiny lil girl.  "Owie, Owie, Owie!  "Your crappy attitude is over"  Whack, Whack, Whack!  "You (Whack) will (Whack) NEVER (Whack, whack, i dont know how many) turn (Whack) your(Whack) phone(Whack) off(Whack) again(Whack)!"   Whiny lil girl: " OK, OK, OK!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm sorry (waaah),  I'll be good Daddy I promise, Da-ddy!!!!   I promise!  I'll be a good girl! please, please, please STOP!!  He chuckled: "You don't get to say when this stops,  I decide when this stops!  Where's your lil bad *** attitude now?"  OK now he's just being vindictive.  "Gone! I'm not going to be bad anymore!" on and on and on, I'm unable to speak, no energy left, just sobbing and he's still going.  I'm quivering and crying, he stops.  I dare not move.  His giant hand is still on my back, he presses down and the lecture goes on.  My butt feels huge, red, throbbing and on fire all at once.  "Why did you get a spanking today Sophia?"  this part is usually humiliating, but at this point, I didn't care, I answered in the sweetest, most docile, hiccuping lil voice I could muster up. "be-because I was naughty.  I was rude, disrespectful,...."  I confessed my sins.  He lowered his left leg and lifted his right.  I was even higher and more exposed than before.  "You will never talk to me that way again (whack), do you hear me?"  "yes" I whisper.  WHACK "YES WHAT?"  "yes Daddy." "are you going to turn your phone off again? (whack) "No Daddy"  "You will answer me respectfully at all times"  WHACK "Yes Daddy".  "What happens if your naughty again?"  "I will get a sp-sp-spanking" (whack, whack, whack) "You get feisty with me again and you'll end up *** up in same situation IMMEDIATELY! do you understand me?"  "Yes Daddy, Yes"  he lets me up, I crawl into his arms.  I want to crawl inside him.  I cry, and bury my face into his neck.  Cry more.  "Alright, Angel, it's alright" as he rubs my bottom and stokes my hair.  "Shhh, shh, shh, that's my good girl."  "Daddy, Can I please lay down here on the couch?  I don't wanna go to bed without you."  I plead in a small voice.  "Of course"  he pulls me back over his lap.  For a second my heart skips.  But now he's making it all better.  He loves me, I'm lil, feminine and wanting him ever so much. He obliges.  It's a mix of pleasure and pain, a reminder of why I should use my manners and be respectful to my honorable husband.  sure it hurt, sure it was embarrassing, sure I remembered it for days every time I sat down or got dressed,  but it worked in more ways than one.  I still have slip ups, and when the reminder swat doesn't tame the shrew, I find myself bottom up over his knee in a heartbeat.  I'd have it no other way.
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4 Responses May 5, 2012

I absolutely LOVED reading this...I'm happy for you that you are so in love..."He's so hot".....LOL...I'm still smiling ear-to-ear from that....8-))))

trying to make time to read the rest of your writings....in between trying to get some work done....add me please...

I can relate to that, sometimes, I've wondered if I keep pushing his buttons almost unconsciously to kind of force him to react and help me out of it, I hate getting spanked for discipline but I have to admit, it does seem to pull the plug on what is like a lake of bad feelings in a way that a maintenance spanking never will. I'm going through it at the moment, trying not to bratt but desperatly needing some sort of release too.

That was a cool story. I've definitely been there myself! Lol. PMS is my butt's worst enemy, lol.

That was a great read, thank you for sharing. It sounds like he knew just what you needed and loved you enough to give it to you. I'm happy for you both:)