Cognitive Dissonance And The Taken In Hand Woman

Cognitive Dissonance: simultaneously holding conflicting beliefs.

example: I am in for it this evening (pretty sure). Dissonance: it's going to suck, its going to hurt, i dont want it: i do need it, release, the aftercare is a positive. Welcome to my internal dialogue
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

I don't need the emotional release people talk about when they get 'maintenance.' Mine are just done as a routine reminder once a week - a formality

I relate to this so much, the internal battle is inevitable, you fear and dread it and yet need and crave it too. I know I would be so disappointed with my Husband if he didn't stand up to me and mete out the discipline when I need it but it doesn't stop my crying and pleading when it's time.

I understand what you are saying. It seems I'm always fighting myself or at least my fear. I really want this kind of relationship with all my heart but it's hard to convince my head to just hush and follow along sometimes. lol I hope it gets easier for you and I both.

Oh I know just how that is!! Somethings I'm crying and talking fast even before he's started! Talk about embarrassing. lol Of course if He really did stop, the spanking wouldn't have near the impression it does on my behavior, much to the my poor bottom's dismay. lol