"this Has Been A Long Time Coming. Get Over Here!"

"Oh come on. I haven't had a break from the kids in 3 weeks. 24/7. from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep they are attached to each leg" OK I may be exaggerating a lil and I know I am supposed to take an evening and a weekend day each week just for myself so I don't turn into the exorcist's version of mom and wife. Still it was a rough 3 weeks. The daycare runs from 730-730 and each weekend I had a detailed cake order (which means multi-tier + sugar flowers which are all hand done etc very time consuming). So it's been 3 weeks of 12+ hour days, 16 + hour weekend work and lots and lots of caffeine (also low carb dieting so choc is limited- very dangerous situation). Anyhoo i digress.

"But do you like the new dress? I waited till it went from $49 to $34!" I say as I flash him a "but i love you please don't do this smile" in an effort to make him forget what an awful attitude I've had lately.  Yeah, doesn't work.  Why I don't realize that my antics rarely if EVER work is because I'm as stubborn as a mule. Why I don't shut the hell up and continue to cop an attitude despite his numerous warnings of "You're going to get in serious trouble if you don't stop, Sophia" is beyond me (I'm a brat by default, I suppose).   "GET OVER HERE" through clenched teeth. Stomach flips. "okay" was that my voice? seriously? Jebus (my alt word now that i am earnestly trying not to take His name in vain- hey, baby steps!) pull it together Sophia he hasn't even started. I've been an emotional basket case due to the aforementioned, fatigue and general bottled up junk. I stand up walk over to the other couch while pulling my dress down as if to cover myself although nothing is showing. This is me feeling vulnerable. I no longer feel my height, I'm shrinking. Down and over. Dress slid up to my waist. At least this time he didn't pull down the thong.

OUCH! first ugh ...swat. not making noise, i refuse to give in (why you ask? because I'm a woman!). "This is going to be a spanking you won't soon forget. YOU (SWAT) have (SWAT) been (SWAT) so (SWAT) damn (SWAT) naughty. "Owie, OK! I get it" This (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) has (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) been(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)a long (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)time(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) coming." (seriously? what is he adding extra syllables to the words so he can fit in more swats?). Every time someone talks to you, be it me or the kids you act like it's a nuisance (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT). I'm crying into the blanket I grabbed. "I'm sorry Daddy" "Sorry is RIGHT. You (great the syllable butt drum thing again) will stop (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) acting (SWAT) like (SWAT) your children (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) and husband are a nuisance! (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT). "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," i break. more swats- Jebus its the same area over and over again - are these those dreaded sit spots? way to go dummy you had him read articles - how ya like his diligent research now???? I try to wiggle so he expands his horizons and moves away from the super tender spots between rear and thigh. Futile effort. He just moves me back (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) you (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) DO NOT MOVE UNTIL I TELL YOU (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT), "OK Daddy, I'm sorry". on and on goes the lecture - really do they expect us to hear it over the freaking explosions happening on our backside? OUCH! more crying. is that me? God I sound like a child.

Yeah I'm still OTK. thought i'd give your eyes a break and start a new paragraph. "who's (SWAT) choice (SWAT) was (SWAT) it (SWAT) to quit her job (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) and stay at home? (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT). "Answer me!" I'd love to as soon as I can reacquire oxygen. "M-mine Daddy" Jesus (yes this time i'm actually praying) I'm on fire, If I die please watch over my children!  (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) always gets worse when he's doing the "I told you, I warned you phrases" "I said you will be with them 24/7" (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT) "yes Daddy!" "I told you, you have to take time for yourself" "yes Daddy" (maybe if i fit it in before the next series, he'll see I'm cooperating and stop trying to remove the skin off my ***!) (SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT)(SWAT). From now on you will do this even if you have to turn down a cake order. (ah, rub) (SWAT) ouch! "Do you hear me baby girl?" Yes D-daddy" Yuck, I've got that ugly sob going. Unfortunately its not that sexy sigh-ridden cry - its that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ugly cry. He doesn't allow me up yet. more tender rubbing.
He takes me his way - it's his turn for release.....spins me around, kisses me "I love you. Be my good girl now" I look up at him, " I love you too, I will, I promise" "I know because if you don't you're going back over my knee again and next time it's the paddle" (Dear sadistic ******* that created the paddle: we all  vehemently hate you. Sincerely us wives ) he says as he pats me on the bottom "now go to bed" and I do. Best sleep I've had in days and I'm purring like a kitten this AM.
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4 Responses May 8, 2012

LOL, thank you for sharing, you write so well I could just seeee you there!! I loved you trying to get out of it before hand, then giving in but more I loved the way the love between you so very very clearly came through in your writing... hugs to you my friend, xx

HAHAHAHA!!! i was laughing so hard that i was crying. <br />
thanx, i needed that.<br />
i almost swallowed my tonsils while laughing at your writings.<br />
if you received that kind a spanking over a $34.00 dress, maybe you would have gotten only 1/2 of them if you had held out and bought a $17.00 skirt.<br />
just sayin'...

lol I shouldn't laugh but the way you write these storys is just too funny:-) Thank you for sharing and I hope it's a long time before you find yourself over his knee for this same reason. I always mess this one up so it's always just a matter of time for me:)

Oh, I'm glad. I love that show and their relationship was so endearing:-) I'm happy for you.

I'm lost, why did he spank you?

ahh, now I see, yeah, I get spanked for that too lol :o)

Yeah, one needs to top up their jug with loving energy if they are to keep feeding everyone else... rule one is look after yourself :o)