Need Some Discipline...

Well I'm feeling a bit stressed and irritated at the moment, just a bit out of sorts with one thing and another. I was thinking about how nice it would be to have that taken away. I know going over his knee tonight would do me so much good. I want that strong hand on my back and a long slow spanking so badly....

It's a ridiculous thought I know, but I almost wish I had been bad, so I could have that release. A maintenance spanking is never the same kind of thing. It never seems to hit the spot (sorry, terrible attempt at a pun)

I must be totally crazy but right now that's what I want, the real deal you know? Thou shalt not bratt.... thou shalt not bratt.... Is it a bad thing to feel like that do you think? I keep thinking about that Janet Jackson song so my mind keeps wandering too lol :o)

RobertaSunset RobertaSunset
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Well Im getting my disciplining spanking tonight.

What did you do?

Being mouthy and starting a fight.

Oh, yeah, that'll do it :o)