Just An Update

So I went to a musical with my boyfriend today! It was nice!:) I got in trouble for being to touchy when he told me to pay attention...I guess I didn't realize how I was acting. I feel kinda silly right now. I should have listened...but I have a hard time listening. I didn't get spanked but I have to do extra chores and he made me stand in the corner for a long time.
Deme16 Deme16
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

I detest corner time and sometimes I get "no talking time out" sessions. I hate those !

It could be worse, he could be making you kneel in the corner on sand,hard rice or other abrasive stuff.

My grandmother use to make my brother and I do that on salt...it was horrable

Humiliation in the form of corner time can be quite effective, especially nude. However I have see that some dominant's find it tedious as it takes the slave/sub/wife out of commission for that time.

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extra chores and long corner times can be worse than being spanked. My wife absolutely hates corner time.