The Pie Funnel

This morning my Husband broke my favourite pie dish. It was an accident so even though I felt pretty irritated, I didn't moan and complain. He works a night shift on a Saturday so he said we would go shopping late this afternoon to buy a new one after he had had his sleep.

We went to the shop where I like to get most of my kitchen ware from and I saw a really nice pie dish that had black birds on the handles. We were about to go and pay for the dish when I also saw the pie funnel that went with it so I asked my Husband if we could buy that too. 
He said that since I already had a pie funnel, I didn't need a new one and so he said no. We paid for the dish and left the shop.

When we were walking out side he said "You're sulking aren't you?" I said " I'm not sulking" he said "You are, that's why you're not speaking to me"  I said "I am not sulking. I asked if you would buy me the pie funnel, you said no. Your decision is final" Ok, so I was just a little bit sulky, I have to admit but the pie funnel was only a little bit of money, it wouldn't have broken the bank and it did match the pie dish. (four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie....)  I know all the men are groaning here but we women, we like things that match! The pie funnel was in the shape of a black bird and the steam would have come out of it's beak, it was just way too cute not to buy. 

We walked back to the car in kind of a frosty silence. I would of got over my disappointment about the pie funnel but my Husband was not just leaving it at that. We got in the car and he leaned across and very quietly said "you're attitude is not acceptable" I said "I haven't got an attitude, you are being horrible to me for no reason, you're the one who's making an issue out of this, not me!!" Ok, I know in hind sight, that was pretty rude and definitely full of the accused attitude and that was my down fall I think. I might of got away with it all up until that point but my Husband turned towards me and very calmly said "You are out of order, we will talk about this later". 

Unfortunately for me 'talk' usually means 'spank' so yes, tonight I have found myself across his knee again. I got a very long lecture about frivolous spending and letting my mouth run away. My Husband is very good at using the spanking as punctuation and to emphasize what he is saying. I have a very sore bottom right now, most of the swats were by a butter pat and I didn't get much of a warm up first.  I am laying on my side to type this and it's taking me forever. I always hope that writing about my taken in hand experiences will help me to remember not to make the same mistakes next time. Sadly that never seems to be the case. I don't know why.

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That just shows he was being unfair and he WAS provoking u...if there was a time I felt sorry for u it is seeing this. U didn't do n e thing. And u should tell him to eat ****. That's pathetic that he would physically hit u for saying one sentence when he provoked u. It doesn't show the "good leadership," skills u claim your caring and loving husband ***.

No actually it was my ***.. lol, sorry I couldn't resist. You really don't need to feel sorry for me, if I asked my Husband to stop spanking me he would but in his defense, I was in hind sight pretty sulky and definitely full of attitude. I do believe I deserved that spanking.

Lol. True, damn your ***. Your attitude defines u. Nobody should change u. I see some of people stories that it is their choice to do what they do. I will never see spanking as punishment ok tho. It makes me feel uncomfortable to think about it. The whole mental image is true to the point. I mean I'm sure your husband has an attitude...wonder what he'd do or say if u tried to spank him if u got so fed up. You should have a Kodak moment there. I'm sure his face would keep u entertained for awhile everything u think about it. Ahhh the face of utter shock.



I wouldn't ever spank my Husband to discipline him, because I like him in authority over me, I don't think you can have two bosses in a relationship.. and there is always an imbalance of power somewhere, one partner always "wears the trousers" more than the other to some degree, it's just we have choosen to do it more dramatically than most. I did spank him once though, because he asked me to... he wanted to understand what I feel when I'm spanked lol. :o)

I hope u spanked him hard. I have to have equality or rather the choice. I couldn't be with a man who would be like offense...I'm not saying it in a bad way but it's definitely not for me. But I can see it works for u! Your not such a bad person...I guess it's not as bad as i thought. Every couple comes in different colors...

Honey I do have choice, and this equality thing it's a myth there really is no such thing and never will be. My Husband was very vanilla, it was me who corrupted him lol, he was as shocked that I wanted this as you are at first.

There is always equality. It's a choice to be equal, just like submissive, and dominant. People say we r influenced by so much. We r nothing until we r conditioned. I'm not doing spanking or submission....I couldn't handle I said I'm a control freak. But to each their own....

No, because most men are physically stronger than women so when push comes to shove, if societies values and indooctrination were to be ******** away, if all that was left was who lives and who dies, women would once again depend on men for food, protection and survival. That is just an un-arguable fact of nature.

Umm I hunt. I bow hunt and my husband uses a what does that tell u...women can do the same things as men...but men can't do everything a women can do...some of the best survivalist are women. Women have less fear than man...but men tend to have more pride than woman if a woman acts all damsel in distress usually the man will come to the rescue, even when he has more fear, his pride will win.

since when did the word Str*pped deserve the asterisk treatment? Ok, I don't agree with you and at fife past eight am, I don't want a feminist argument before taking kids to school so lets just leave it at that and accept we have different opinions. :o)

Because u know I'm right red...Feminist isn't a bad thing it just has bad people...but I'm not in that..I'm not a big group kind of person...strippe(d), funny cuz ive seen worse words clear as day...messed up website..I think we should live for ourselves...because we come into the world by ourselves and we leave the world by ourselves...I don't rely on n e one to survive...I WANT to have a husband and family...but yes we all can believe what we want....

Actually you didn't come into the world by yourself, your mother gave birth to you, there were always adults around you that took care of you, stronger people, you wouldn't have survived otherwise. Likewise, if if the icing of life were ******** back, if you were pitched against a man in terms of survival, if the only food was between you and him... you would not survive. You are physically weaker, that isn't a bad thing, you as a woman have other strengths, women and men were designed to compliment each other, our strengths are mens weaknesses and vice-versa. We were never designed to fight each other, and that is why there is so much unhappiness in the world, the principles of feminism are based on selfishness and a desire to have it all without regard for who sufferers and even if you are not part of the large organisation, if you subscribe to their lies and keep believing that what feminism stands for is a good and positive thing then you are still part of the problem. Grrr, I promised myself I wouldn't get into this here...

Trust me you r by don't see it deep enough...when your mind goes in old age and when u have no mind made as a baby...I'm thankful for has allowed women many should be kissing the feet of feminism that allowed u to talk and speak your mind, get an education, etc,etc...not all women if many want to be at home being a slave to their husbands or letting their husbands lead...some women are the leaders and men stay at home, or equality...and men and women are one in the same...I've seem women beat out weak men, and vise must not know a lot of people...and if u honestly believe men and women will be fighting eachother for food your will never be as caveman; cave women days or whatever..if n e thing it will be survival of the fittest...this generation of ppl in the world don't think like the shiverly days of knights, and all men protect will be starving man vs starving women..

....and men will win because like it or not women ARE the weaker sex.

Listen red..No an individual is the weaker individual..and what about people who are gay..silver linings..clearly ur a black And white thinker...I'm guessing the type of men u your type..there will be no war of that point...if anything it will be more equal towards men and will never be men ruling over women like u want...ha..sorry to disappoint should cease on your journey. Sad really. Not saying ppl wont live like that but Its not ever going to be forced because That doesn't ruin women's rights but human rights as well...people will always choose..

There are always shades of grey you are right in that but in general, men are physically stronger than women, they have more muscle mass than we do, that makes us weaker. It's not rocket science. Feminism has ****** up the enitre structure of society, I could be here all day going over all the points where it is vitallly obvious that this is the case, I will never change my opinion on this. Women are suffering because of feminism. I can see that you will not change your opinion either, maybe you will open your eyes one day but until then, ,we are wasting each others time discussing it.

Well it sucks for those who r suffering...I'm not...enlighten me about women suffering from feminism...I'd like to hear. You won't open your mind to my point of view either. I will never change who I am like u changed who u were. I've always been happy with myself and the person my mom and dad raised me to be...

Women could gain more muscle mass...if they used a stair master, took a jog, lifted weights...etc..but they choose to sit at home on their *****, watching tv, and stuffing their faces....

I thoroughly love doing that but I love working out too......

Well I like working out too but in comparison to a man with similar fitness, he will obviously be stronger, that is biology and not even feminism can argue against that.

You are not yet married, you haven't got kids, you will understand more about what I say about the way women suffer when you have that in your life. The biggest thing is the destruction of family and marriage. Feminism promises women they can have it all and feminist women are trying to live a delusional dream that they will be happy doing it all, they are stuck in a whirl wind of career, home, family, husband... desperately trying to keep up, stressed to capacity. They have no time or energy to give to their Husband and they are denying their children of a full time nurturing mother. Now women are working alongside men, the cost of housing has increased to almost inachievable costs, it is impossible to get a morgage without two wages now, so woman are trapped in the work place if they want to own their own home. We are living in a materialistic world where people judge happiness on "things" possessions not on quality time spent with family and loved ones. Feminism forced women into having to live that way, feminism promised choice but for so many there is no choice. It is a lie, it always was a lie. Oh and because modern woman are so stressed, they are irritable and disrespectful to their men, they nag and moan, they are too tired for sex so many men either withdraw and stop showing them as much love because of their behaviour or they have affairs. Marriages end, mothers become single mothers so yes yet more pressure and work to keep up is harder still. Children are undisciplined and unruly.... Yes feminism has made women happier, of course it has. I could add to that. I am only just scratching the surface.

I'm married and have 2 daughters. A 6 and 3 1/2 year old..I've been with my husband since I was 14 and we got married when I was 21...I'm 22 now. If the men have affairs they are weak. If men need to be praised all the time they are WEAK...if men need control of women to make them feel like a man, they are WEAK. I'm not going to lie sometimes I see my husband needing a little praise but Geesh I think we all need a little. But a women who believes all wives should dote on their man 24/7 and stay at home 24/7 is feeding the male ego and it won't end up good. I was a stay at home mom for 2 years. It became boring and I couldn't stand the constant routine. I loved being home w my daughter but I thought really...people say this is hard work. Ha. My jobs were much harder than being at home all the time. I became depressed...women of the 50s-big depression boom..wonder y? I love my kids but damn even with money it cuz too routine. Some people actually like to work. I rather feel independent than depending on my husband to keep "raising," me. And I am happy DOING IT ALL...I love going to school and learning. My horizons are broadened and I can teach my daughters. My husband and I tell them to be strong independent women and do what makes them happy. I want them to use their brains not their body's. And if I'm too tired for sex my husband should get over it. If people want to live their life a certain way..thats fine. But I'm not going to tell my daughters it's better for them to be a mom and housewife. I'm so glad the world will never expect women to stay at home all the time.

Would u think it's right for a husband to force sex on his wife because they're married!?! Yes feminism has done great things.
Do u not have an education? Can u vote? Can u go anywhere u want? Can u speak when men are around? Women were oppressed and became is taking evolution to show that we are stronger. Measuring physical strength has no merit. We aren't going to be fighting for food. We have choices...and if my husband ****** me off he will here about it. I'm not going to be silenced because some ppl still believe in women being weaker so they don't know as much because that's not true.

I mean your husband wouldn't even by you a pie funnel. I would never let a man tell me I couldn't get something I want. And I will make sure my daughters know that. But my husband would never not get me anything.

I do support women having the vote as well as being educated and that has nothing to do with feminism. That was down to the suffragettes which is a political issue. My Husband did eventually buy me the pie funnel, he was standing up to me, I don't think he would be much of a man if he gave in to all of my whims and I wouldn't respect him if he was a pansy anyway. He bought it for me and then wrapped it up as a sexy joke for our wedding anniversary. My Husband doesn't need to force sex on me, I always give it to him willingly because I see it as his right. You get married and you pledge to honor your partner with your body, if you don't do that then you are not honoring your marriage vows or your man. I am never too tired because I am at home, cherished and loved and pretty much treated like a princess. I like it that way. I do have other options I am educated, I am a qualified hairdresser, beauty therapist, reflexologist and a hnd health and social care. I have enough in the house to occupy me, my house is always clean and tidy, my boys are intelligent and thriving at school because I am always there to support them, I also have the time to nurture myself doing things which I enjoy, dressmaking, needlework etc.

I'm not saying your husband forced sex in u in particular, I'm saying that many men got away with that because women didn't have rights and they were in a marriage so it was ok and not called rape. Every whim!?! It was a pie funnel. Him demonstrating control issues shows its not right. He acted as if he was above u and all the money was his. It's 50/50. I took obey out of our vows as well as object lol. I wouldn't enjoy dressmaking and needlework...I like doing makeup for ppl but that is an art in itself. Like hair styling because I suck at that. It's not a husbands right to have sex n e time. Sometimes people r sick, tired, annoyed. If u say u never get annoyed, sick, tired, I won't believe u. Or we pms. I respect my husband but I respect myself too. But men complain because they r so easy to control, be temped, women are smarter. Adam didn't eat the apple before eve came along. If they were even real. I make my own vows in my marriage. I don't believe in traditional. I hate cleaning. I refuse to do it. I like my house clean which is always is but not because of me.

So you work and you don't clean your house, you don't think you have to give your Husband sex when he wants it... do you cook? You worry me greatly. I think that you are heading the way to be another divorce statistic. Men are like fires, they go out when they are unattended. If you don't attend to your man, expect that he will leave you, either physically or emotionally.

I have someone who cleans and cooks. My husband hired them. My husband is the exact same as when I met him. I met him at age 14...I'm now 22. 8 years we have been together. How long have u been married? Statistic don't bother me. I've beat plenty of them. It seems u r the one worried about divorce. If my husband TRUELY didn't want to be w me anymore, he is allowed to leave, and I will move on with my life. Atleast I would still be alive...and he puts up with a lot of **** from me. Some men are stronger than others and can handle it better...and no I definitely don't give my husband sex whenever he wants it. We did a test once and lasted a month without having sex...when we did have it...AWESOME. I know I am doing things husband is a strong enough man to handle me and I'm strong enough to handle him. We also have different religious beliefs, we are complete opposites on a lot of me we have already beat many statistics. I don't fear divorce.

You should fear divorce. Nobody expects divorce when they get married and problems creep up without you noticing. I always strive to be the best for him, the meals he eats are cooked by me. I have pride in that. It is me that cleans my house, nobody elese is responsible for my mess. I know that always giving your Husband what he needs is the best way to keep love alive and keep your marriage fresh. I have been married six years, I've known my Husband eight years I am totally besotted and madly in love and he is with me but I do fear our marriage getting stale and getting divorced. I think that fear is healthy and keeps us both on our toes.

Well Im thinking I'm younger than u, but yet I've been married just as long. Maybe you should wait until you've been married for 20 years before deducing a persons marriage is doomed. I have zero fear for divorce. My marriage has never been stale. We are still in love and he does everything for me to show me that. We have had bumps in the road but we don't fight, we argue. About goofy things. I usually end up being right tho. Just the other night it was about bears. He said grizzly bear is more vicious and I said polar bear. And even if I'm wrong he still says I'm right, but I really topped it off when I said the short face bear. He would never lay a hand on me and if he did I would leave and call the cops.

And I would love for u to read the secret(law of attraction)
When u have fear for things they tend to creep up(like u said)...fear induces constant thinking of something. Even though you don't want it it happens. We attract everything to us. Like a magnet. Debt, divorce, sicknesses, accidents...everything. Because we constantly are thinking about it. And it's proven. Scientist have proven a thought can be measured, it has a frequency.

That's where we are different. I want my Husband's control, crave it even. I love the feelings of a good hard spanking. If that makes me mental then so be it, I am happily mental :o)

For instance-have u ever thought of a tv show and suddenly it came on or a movie. Did u ever think about a song and then it started playing on the radio. Of course it isn't always instant. But thought provoking has truth to its meaning.

My husband loves my crazy. And btw...I love pie. Chocolate ones the most.

I'm not sure I am in support of the law of attraction thing, sure if you worry about it all the time to the point that you are always going on about it, you can push your partner away. I don't do that but I believe that failing to plan is planning to fail. I think marriage take work, if you don't work to keep it alive it will get boring. I love DD because it keeps our marriage fresh and exciting, I love all the emotions involved in getting a spanking. I actually like fearing my Husband just a tiny bit, it's not bad fear, maybe fear is the wrong word even... I like that I am kept on my toes...

You can't always plan life out. It usually ends up somewhat different than your "plan." I don't think I could truely love my husband if I had fear for him. I work to keep my marriage alive but it's not worshipping him. And he works to keep it alive as well. I like adventure and spontaneity. And how can u not believe in the law of attraction until u actually research or try it. And it's been proven to work. It's pretty much karma mixed with positive gets u don't believe that?

The law of attraction-some people say they're psychic or have another sense..some people are me, to certain things. It's all the law of attraction.

I guess I don't undertstand enough about it to have a well enough informed opinion. It seems to make sense as you put it but planning is a good thing, planing everything is a good thing, planning enables you to set goals that will help you reach you potential. That's why I like DD, we have a plan, I want to be a certain way, I want things to be a certain way and I think having a plan for that and consequences when you don't stay on track has enabled me to reach my potential in certain areas.

Oh I'm not saying we should plan..I miss list writer..I am contantly writing goals. I'm always planning. I'm saying don't expect things to turn out the way you planned but I'm sure you've heard that saying before. Do you feel as if you couldn't control yourself and be so messed up if your husband didn't have control over decisions regarding everything in your life? Or is it mostly the sexual aspect that makes punishment alluring? Serious questions. I don't feel that I would be attracted to a man that hit me...or controlled my every move. Like buying certain things because if I want it I will get it right then and there. Lol I dont know no.

No, I'm perfectly capable of managing my life alone, I just don't want to. I didn't marry my Husband until I was 29 and I had a lot of relationships and jobs and managed fine. There were areas that were always a struggle for me and they always remained unaddressed. Having someone who loves me and cares enough to discipline me so I am made to be the best I can be has ensured that I finally get some help and make changes because I wasn't strong enough on my own. I fear the discipline, who wouldn't but it is always for positive reasons. My Husband doesn't control every aspect of my life but there are many things he does control, for example our finances because we don't have much money and he is better at it than me, I am a die hard spender and I did get over drawn and have credit card debt before I met my husband lol. He also manages my health because I am not good with doctors. I won't lie and say I don't get turned on by spanking, not so much discipline spanking, they hurt, but the after math, I feel turned on when my bum is what we call "moon glow" I do also feel aroused when I see my Husband taking control and when he makes subtle comments about my behaviour and how it will be dealt with later. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a sexual element, I think it is actually more about the dynamic, we are two poles, I submissive, he dominant and we feed each other. It keeps the spark of chemistry ignited.

you say you don't think you could be attracted to a man that hit you, could you be attracted to a powerful man who clearly wasn't your equal? A good example is the film pretty woman, they are clearly not equals but the film is a classic, there are not many women who don't enjoy it. The whole attraction is that he is powerful and there is the rescue element. That is what domestic discipline makes me feel like, I am protected and cared for, made to feel secure. The spanking enables my husband to keep on caring for me, even on issues where I would want to fight him and it also ensures that I keep seeing him as strong and powerful. It's not a huge deal really, just a different relationship tool. I clearly understand it's not for everyone though.

I'm a dominant personality I couldn't be w another dominant personality. My husband is more laid-back and we compliment eachother in that area even if we both can be stubborn at times. In Pretty women, Vivian was the strong one who changed Edward to be a sweet man. He was dominant and uncaring, a playboy, but it showed in the end that she was stronger because she could've made it without him. But he came to her and it showed he was the one who submitted. That's my take. It also showed Vivian was able to drive a car better, also when she is insulted at the polo match and gets back to the hotel she leaves but Edwards apologizes and asks her to stay...right?!?

Yes but out of the two she is still the submissive. The power in a D/s realationship does ultimately lay with the submissive although if Edward hadn't picked her up fromt he street, taken her in, bought her clothes, taught her ways of sophistication she would not have been able to have that power. Never forget that the submissive has ultimate choice over whether or not she submits. I know I could walk tomorrow and doing so would leave my husband a shattered and broken man. I have power because it is my actions, the choice of whether or not I submit that defines whether the relationship functions in this way.

She went to him he didn't go up to her to pick her up. She approached him. All I'm saying are women And men can be equal. It's all the way we percieve. She initiated everything. Men sometimes need another mommy figure. I hate when ppl say women are naturally submissive and men are naturally dominant. Because.........there is no proof of that. Do u think you would get a divorce if you became dominant?

no, look at the countries where the law doesn't support women and you instantly see where their place is. Without the law and social structure as it is you would be just like any other woman, still weaker than your Husband and it would be his decision entirely the quality of life you have. I'm surprised you don't see that.

No because I wouldve a-not gotten married, b-said I was gay, or c-killed myself. Ha. And that's what evolution is. And I'm not n a country where the law doesn't support women-y would I pretend I was??? It's never up to anyone what kind of life you have, you are responsible for your journey and destination. Even when men "tried," to "rule," women there were always those women who came out of the woodworks and fought back; then more and more women. Not all women adhere to the laws that go against them. You can always choose for yourself. No spouse is weaker than the other...thats a hitler saying with different words.

That's nothing to do with hitler, it's the law of nature, no amount of chest beating of denying it on your part will ever change that. Anyway. I am bored with this conversation we have diferent opinions, neither will be shaken on that so I am graciously alowing you the last word if you want it. Not everyone wants to be continually fighting for one upmanship with their men, making that choice doesn't mean the person is weak, it's just a choice and just because we choose to submit to our Husbands, just because we allow our Husbands to spank us, it doesn't mean we don't have happy, healthy marriages. It's just a different way of living and a different way of achieving harmony.

Umm it's everything to do with hitler. He stated one race was weaker than the is yours different. His didn't start out with concentration camps but it ended up with them. You made assumptions saying women are weaker and do need men. But we don't. We don't need men to protect, support and provide, save us so to speak. The good thing is I don't continually fight for ones up on my man I'm usually right to begin with and he won't fit if he's wrong...that's just stupid. When he's right I admit it. But this all started out with your husband spanking u because u wanted a pie funnel and him provoking u. It didn't seem fair and just to me. It showed him wanting to show u "who's the boss." that's more bdsm than loving submission.

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I'm not going to argue with your husband giving you the spanking, but I wish he had got you the pie funnel too!

Awww, thankyou ladies :o)

Will you be looking at pie funnels in a different light from now on?

probably lol