Tonight Is The Big One

I have been having trouble getting my HOH to understand the total NEED for spankings. He does see a difference in me after he spanks me though. Last night I pulled up one of the stories in this forum and he read it. When he was done, he understood. Tonight I am getting the whipping that I have been needing for weeks now. I have been very stressed out with "everybody elses problems" and I am just so tired of having to run to the resue for everyone else. I have been short with my kids and my HOH. The last 2 spankings have hurt but only for moments. I have a feeling I will feel tonights for days. (I sure hope so). I am nervous, but at the same time I know how much better I will feel when it is over. I have never cried when he has spanked me, I have asked him to make sure that I cry and he does not stop there. His reply is that HE knows when to stop. Personally, I have to disagree. He always stops way to soon for me. Yes I am hurting physically and i do have an attitude adjustment, but I need a WHIPPING every once in a while and spanking in between them. I have a smart a$$ mouth that should get me in more trouble than it does. I also expained last night that I NEED him to be more strict with me and to stop me before I actually need a WHIPPING. He could easily keep me in line with more frequent spankings. That would bring more peace to the entire house hold. I thnk he may understand now. We talked about how I know he does not like to have to spank me, especially to the extreme as tonight's will be, but it is his job to give me what I need. And what I need right now is a good, long, hard whipping. I will let you know tomorrow how it goes..
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

Let your HOH know that you would like to be spanked each day and tell him it is a need and not just a desire. Maybe go out and buy him an impliment to use on you. I have a short piece of sail batten which is highly polished and is very good to use on the boobs and a wide ruler that really stings the bottom. It will also leave some nice bruises that you feel when you walk and sit.

What was you HOH using to spank you with?
Just a thought but maybe if he spanked you with an impliment that hurt until you had a nice red bottom and then used his hand to spank you until you were ready to stop.

Good Luck tonight. Hope its all you want it to be.

I understand exactly what you mean, I always feel better through being spanked too, it's great stress release and will chill me out and make me more submissive for days to come. I hope you get your spanking and you feel better for it :o)