A Little Lie

Last week I lost 50 dollars my boyfriend gave me to pay a book fee. I told him that I gave the people the money because I was scared to tell him the truth. So, this morning he said he got an email from the people saying if they don't get the 50 by Thursday it will rise to 100. He confronted me and I told him I'll talk to them. I know it was stupid of me to lie, I should have told him. I feel really bad. Later on today in the afternoon I came clean and told him I lost it. He gave me the money to pay it again. He was very very upset. He looked like he was about to explode so I left to give him time to cool off. I know I'm getting punished for this later...I'm kinda scared. I asked him to take my phone and laptop away. He told me to just leave them on his bed...
I make a lot of silly mistakes...:/ I'm just waiting for the doorbell to ring so I can let him in and take my punishment...I'm really really sorry. I'm going to learn and really listen to what he tells me.
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4 Responses May 22, 2012

: ( sorry sometimes what we think is a harmless little fib is not the way they see it. I agree with another poster try to take it like a lady. It helps to have cream around you can rub on your bum after a punishment spanking.

Sorry I feel for you but yep, that does deserve a spanking, suck it up and try and take it like a lady and don't lie again :o)

*cringes* Lies are never a good thing to tell, especially to one's HoH. I hope you're feeling okay afterwards and have learned not to make this mistake again. Hugs.

Yes, a spanking is in order.