78% Women

I have just read in TIH that 78% who experience this type of relationship is female. That gives me pause to wonder. Does that not imply that perhaps women are in fact more dominant then men? If men were more dominant wouldn't they be more interested in this lifestyle then women? Or at least as much? Hmmmm...any thoughts about that?
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It's just the add of a few facts:<br />
-Most TIH wives are stay at home mothers, meaning they got more time to find sites such as this and to get engaged in them.<br />
-Most men -including my husband- have multiple interests and few time. They focus on more "male stuff" while surfing the net. Talking about relationships and such are simpky not their number one priority. That doesn't mean they are not commited to their marriages. It's just they don't like to discuss their intimate life with other people like we women do.<br />
We like the thinking part... They like the action.<br />
-Some men get interested on this topics, of course. But they not necesarily write stories or become members, as they don't have the need to. Again, we women usually go a step further and become active members.<br />
-Women, among their friends, usually talk about their relationships. It's the number one topic, I dare say. That's not what happens between men.<br />
As we, living this kind of relationship cannot talk so freely "on the open", we get incredible attached to ep experiences and like-minded members. That's how we end up kidnapping this kind of experiences to ourselves, lol.

Great insights. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions about this...it does make sense. Yeah I guess most men are not particularly wordy about personal things!

You really hit the nail on its head. Most men are happy to live their way of life, not advertise, explain or discuss it. Not with their wives and definitely not online. Most men have basic principles, and they practice them in the privacy of their home. The percentage of women in TiH relationships has to match with the same number of men, as it is a sexually exclusive lifestyle. TiH doesn't encourage polygamy... In my opinion, it's just a confusing statistic...

You could be right...that's why I love it when one of the men respond because it gives us another view point.