Why I'm Not Allowed To Have Gum

My husband is not big on DD. he does not want to spank me if I've been naughty. Normally all it takes is a look from him and I crumble into a remorseful heap. If I am in a "mood" he will stand back while I throw a fit, usually my fit includes doing the dishes in a violent manner, or cleaning the house. When I've calmed enough, he will pin me to the closest wall with his body until I spill my emotions and break into tears. He is always very loving and attentive to my needs. I can say 90% of the time when he spanks me, it is for fun, not punishment.

I have one very bad habit that my husband can not stand. If i have gum in my mouth I snap it. It is loud and I will do it over and over. I know my husband hates this, I never realize I'm doing it until in the middle of a pop. Well, a couple of weekends ago we were driving to his parents house to pick up our kids, and I asked for a piece of gum. He has given me many warnings about "doing that **** with gum."

It was quiet in the car and and we weren't really talking, just enjoying the music...and POP! I did it. The one thing my husband HATES. As soon as my hand covered my mouth, his hand connected with the inside of my bare thigh. The look on his face was that of pure horror at his actions. The look on mine...well it was probably opposite of his. He lost control and was in shock.

I started laughing. Sure, it hurt like hell, but he is human and made a mistake. He was even more embarrassed when we got to my in-laws house and I had a huge hand print on my thigh, completely visible because of a short skirt.

We discussed what happened and why it happened. The thing is, he's given me warnings and told me before if I did that he would smack my leg. I think the fact he did it without thinking really got to him. Needless to say, I am not allowed to chew gum when I am around him anymore.
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4 Responses Jul 18, 2012

Lol, this amused me for some reason, strange how the little things can provoke such reactions sometimes more than the big things. I actually don't think your hubby was out of line, I'm always gettingf little reminder spanks and he did tell you not to do it :o)

Ewww, my husband had a similar reaction once in the car. I was very angry, though... It took me some time to make amends. Bare legs are an easy target it seems. Especially while in the car. He was very sorry too, never happened again, cause I was not ok with that.<br />
Anyway, I envy your skill to pop Gum!! I've tried all my life, but I just can't!!! Lol :-)

I know he doesn't want to spank you, but it sounds like that is what you need. His current methods aren't modifying your behavior enough.

*chuckling* I think it's wonderful he reacted the way he did; he held true to his promise. I think you're right, it's probably best that you don't chew gum around him since it seems to get you into trouble. I hope you didn't have to answer too many awkward questions once at his parents house:-)