Spanked Against My Will

Last night I knew I was in trouble, since the incident I had at the police station. That brought me to my full bitchy mode all afternoon.
He told me to go to bed early and so I did, but I started rambling about our household and I wasn't able to talk in a calm way. Suddenly he had enough and took out the bed covers and in two seconds had me facing down.
I started kicking but he pulled my pj pants and panties down. I felt such defeat!! I was furious and suddenly I just thought "no, I won't let him win!!!" and so I started a desperate fight. We were a tangle of legs and arms. Not a single word was spoken. I just fought with all my strength to get free.
A few minutes were like an eternity. At some point he was grabbing the paddle and I took it from him and threw the thing flying.
Then, the inevitable... He is so much bigger than me!! I tried to cover my butt but he held my wrists and spanked me for what seemed like hours.
Finally I rendered, both in my heart and my body. I began sobbing, not because of the pain but because of all the stress I was letting go.
Only then he stopped and cuddled me. He said he would take care of the ticket I got and not to worry anymore. "Hush love, sleep now. Everything will be fine tomorrow"
And so it was. Today I woke up pretty sore, but I feel great.
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Glad to see he didn't back down. He would have failed you as a HoH if he had. The thing is, with TIH, it doesn't matter if I "feel like" being spanked or not. It is his call to make and I must accept that. We have discussed how we will handle that, and we decided he will wait patiently and talk to me about why he is spanking me, why we have this lifestyle, and how I don't actually have a choice. He will re-affirm his position in this relationship, and that he has decided what will happen. When I do comply, I will surely receive additional punishment for the refusal/disrespect. Hopefully this won't happen, but I know how stubborn I can get, so I'm sure it will happen. But, he has already said he will NOT back down.

This is really sweet.

omg wow theres no way i can fight my man hes almose a foot taller than me and faster and smarter

I enjoy your posts a lot. I have shown them to my niece as well as to two white friends.

I agree, I love your posts as well!

Glad you are feeling better now :o)

I'm so glad you're feeling better sweety, now that your debts have been paid in full you and your Hubby can enjoy the benefits of a good hard over the knee bare bottom spanking, thank you for sharing...

Ohh hope youre feeling much better today. :)

So happy your stress is relieved. It was an awful day.

Thank you. It was Indeed!!

So happy you feel better today!

well then He gave you something besides your bitchiness to concentrate on...good for Him


the comment was not meant as humor, my dear. it is his job to teach you and to punish you when needed as well as to be seems you and he chose each other well...remember when a lesson is learned the punishment will not be repeated 'just because' was deserved and a necessary part of your growth...learn and be well my dear

Oh sweetie, I am glad the punishment is over and things are better today. Not sure how it is in your household, but in ours it is always a more severe punishment if I try to resist.

"Not sure how it is in your household, but in ours it is always a more severe punishment if I try to resist."

As it should be.