Tih Nights

Last couple of nights were so very TIH to me...
First, my husband woke me up in the middle of night by just removing my clothes and panties. I was sound asleep. My first conscious thought was "oh ****, I'm in trouble Again??", well, I wasn't... Hubby wanted to take me. It was great. I just let him and I had an amazing ****** that brought me back to sleep almost immediately.
Then, last night I woke up in the middle of the night. I usually have periods of insomnia. I was turning on my ipad when my husband woke up too. He said "oh no, shut it down and come here. I want you to sleep". He forced me to stay still, by trapping my legs between his. He restrained my arms too. I was desperate to move but he said no. I don't know how I overcame the suffocating feeling. I am pretty obsessive when it comes to sleeping habits and this is certainly not how I like it. But 15 minutes later I was dozing away. I am learning to obey and I am loving It!!!
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Ive read just about all of your experiences and feel like ive known you for years. please add me, im dying to see what you look like, your profile pic hints of an extremely beautiful, natural woman. im also intrigued by the lifestyle you have accepted, your sense of humor, your honesty and willingness to share yet you keep your account secret.

Lovely story. Since marriage I agreed to be totally submissive in the bedroom. This can mean being in a lovely sleep and awoken by DH. He always send me to bed before him so I am usually asleep before he wakes me. Sometimes it is quite quick, other times he likes me to perform.

u were feeling secure. i love when you thought oh **** im in trouble again that made me laugh. my man is comeing to see me this friday and he said cause i didnt listen to him and get off the phone with my sister when he told me too that im going to get on heck of a spanking when he gets here . im a little nervious

Anonimacy, are you getting your vaginal ******* now?

lol my Husband has done similar to that before, not trapped my legs but he threatened to spank me if I moved again. I get so restless when I can't sleep, thoughts racing through my head and I just want to keep moving all the time which of course, just makes me worse. It was the best thing but I didn't think so at the time :o)

I have tried that on my wife, but she always seems to stop me. She now sadly sleeps on the couch downstairs cause she is a "lite" sleeper, but really I think she is afraid of intimacy altogether where I am a cuddle *****. Last time I did this I accidentally put it, very breifly, in an uncomfortable place......*blushes. Thats how life goes I guess. Some people get what they need, others not so much, and then there are those that get it in the ***. All before they realize it.

That gives me a scare when guys do that!

So are we going to take this nap or not?

not to be critical... your wife BELONGS in the bed, not on the couch.
i suggest that you have a seroius sitdown and discussion with her.
i think that there is more to this than the both of you are letting on.
i speak fromexperience. been there, done that.
and the outcome wasn't pretty either.
this is only advice. you can take it or drop it on the ground.

Thanks dan,
You are so right. She knows how I feel about it and well, at least I can stay up late and play on ep

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I had a similar experience recently (not that I thought, I was in trouble), and learn to fall asleep again wrapped in his arms content and happy. It takes some getting used to, when you normally are used to have a lot of space in a kingsize bed, but then it's sheer bliss feeling your partner's skin radiating closeness and intimacy.<br />
I was suffering from insomnia for a long time, too. Starting when my daughter was born and I always listened, whether she needed feeding during the night. Now she is 13 and I still had trouble waking up at night! Going to sleep easily, but then waking up at 2 o'clock and not being able to go back to sleep until 6 am... Lately I reduced my alcohol intake to just 1 glass of wine in the early evening, and as a result I sleep like a baby! No more worrying while I lay awake at night, no exhausted feeling in the morning. I feel refreshed and active and it makes such a difference!

well done

I too like it when my Husband is feeling frisky in the middle of the night. <br />
<br />
And I think it is wonderful you were able to fall asleep wrapped up in his arms and legs.

Awwww How sweet! Great way to over come insomnia