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Me and my man has been married for 8years. When we first got married he would some times stand up to me so what. I am a very strong willed person and have always been controlling. So over the last 8years I have made all the decisions and really just never listened to his thoughts. I am really not sure why but I found this way of life online. I have now turned all this over to my man. I have been doing good so far not in much trouble just a small time out. I am really surprised of that but i can say my man seems so much more happy and we have spent more time in the bedroom in a good way now. There is only one thing that worries me some and any help with this would be great. I have this battle inside myself. I want to be a good girl and not get spanked. However, I also want to test the line just once to see just how bad the spanking would be. Is this normal.
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Congrats on making a change that is working for both of you. <br />
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I understand feeling the need to know just how bad could a punishment be. However, I agree w/Michelle. Doing somthing bad just to make your Hubby do something is manipulative. In time, after a punishment or two you will probablt be looking back wondering why you really wanted to know what a punishment would be like :-)