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Well, I survived the boot camp with a few things that I will not do. Overall, not sure I'm a fan. Just a major adjustment. In moving in together, I have found out new things. Like he really wants the bed made (this seems like it is ridiculous). Who new? No dishes left in the sink at night. Blah blah blah. I get the eye rolling thing. I get I should have called when I was going to be out late. I thought that it was going to be a few swats on the ***, and we move on. I had no idea how committed to this he was. Oh... And suddenly the word "fu$k" is no longer to be used. WTF?
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Funny I was on my 4th kid when I realized the world would not end if the bed wasn't made as soon as I got out of it. Everyone has their own rules.

hhmm....Hope you love that guy.

sounds pretty typical, you will learn to embrace them.

I am not certain you sound committed to this, or if you didn't understand what you were getting into. The bed being made, dishes being done, not being aloud to roll your eyes or say cuss words are really pretty basic rules for a lot of us wives.

I think you still are pretty confused about DD. If you feel like having questions or want to talk about DD to someone who helped some couples to implement DD and also to get rid (!) of DD - because DD is not always applicable and it has to be decided individually if it s help- or harmful - you can ask anything you want. <br />
it always depends on what you want to achieve...

*shrugs* I am sure he's got good reasons for the rules he's putting in place and it may be as simple as because that's the way he likes it and that's the way he wants it. When asking about the rules try to question for understanding not because you don't want to follow the rules, that is just likely to get you into trouble. Good luck:-)

We also have some rules I may not really see the point of, other than it makes Hubby happy. And for the most part me doing a few little things to keep Him happy don't bother me. But it was something we both agreed to. <br />
Have a conversation with him, share your thoughts and point of view and how it is different than you expected. He may be feeling the same.

Well if you really want this to work he makes the rules. You and him need to sit and really talk about what you want together. This lifestyle may not be for everyone. But it is great if you can get past the first few days and punishments. to see the love in the eyes of the man you love is so worth it to me at least. Good luck I wish you the best