Managed To Get Into Trouble Again

Yesterday we went to a kids party, we were having a great time when an "incident" occured on the bouncy castle so I said I'd go and see if I could sort it out.

My son had apparently been kicked by another child so, to avoid a melt down, I decided I'd go and jump with them for a bit. It turns out this is a hell of a lot of fun and I was joined by a load of teenagers who decided that the attraction of looking 'cool' was no longer appealing.

Needless to say things quickly got out of hand. My friends teenage sons wrestled me to the floor and then "leg and winged" me down the slide part of the castle and everyone got a good view of my knickers.

Before the party, I'd gripped my hair up into a french pleat and of course it had all dropped down and my hair ended up looking like some kind of birds nest held together with kirby grips. In addition to this, a toddler ran off with one of my shoes. They said that they would find it when they cleaned the room but it hasn't turned up so I still don't know where he hid it.

My fun ended when, as I lay spralled at the bottom of the bouncy castle slide, my husband stood over me holding his hand out and in that stern voice you get when you know you've over stepped the mark "I think you had better go and tidy yourself up"

I fixed my hair but had to leave the party with only one shoe. I know better than to moan about the missing shoe, even though they were one of my favourite pairs. I've already had a good spanking as a result of this so today my main objective is trying to stay out of trouble and placate my Husband.
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He spanked you for having fun?! Even if he doesn't like that kind of thing, he should respect you enough to let you enjoy yourself, and realize that it's not always all about him and what he does or doesn't like. You were at a kid's party, had fun in the bounce house, and got a bit disheveled in the process, it's not like you got drunk and danced on a table. This seems like a gross overreaction on his part.

well I think it was a bit more than that. I don't feel any vengefulness over that spanking. I think I deserved it.

Thats a tad funny 😬, no its very funny. I can picture it perfectly. Lol

It wasn't funny at the time but yeah I can appreciate the humor now lol :o)

Your story is funny....but are you ok with the discipline? What you did seemed innocent enough I would have thought.....but I suppose to each their own :)

I hate discipline spankings but sort of crave and appreciate them too. My Husband is pretty reserved and hates to be shown up in public so for him it wasn't innocent. If I had of thought, I should have known that he would have felt embarrassed and my behaviour did have far reaching consequences even without the spanking. I think I did deserve it and I love the dynamic of our marriage, previously there would have been a horrible argument about this kind of thing but now it's extremely rare that we argue and I hate arguing far more than I do being spanked.

That's a good point about preferring a spanking over a long drawn-out argument that typically never amounts to much. I guess I still need to wrap my head around spanking an adult but I know that I prefer spanks as disciple for my children because I would rather have the punishment done and over with in 2 minutes and have the kids forgive each other and hug each other and go on playing than have them steeped in negative emotions as they sit in their bedrooms for an extended period. In my opinion you can crush a child's spirit more in less painful but yet more drawn out punishments.

Did you read my status? I don't usually smack my kids but I snapped tonight and have smacked my five year old.

It's a good thing I wasn't there to see him do it because I think I would have had a hard time from chuckling....sorry.

And agreed, 5 year olds can be a handful.

My Husband thinks he should have been spanked and that I was right but he's pretty anti the naughty spot and only agrees because I am uncomfortable with it, I guess the naughty spot wasn't working, if it was, he wouldn't have been filling my shoes up with dribble...

So like I said and I think you relayed earlier, spankings are a great way to rid the negative emotions immediately and move on.

It hasn't removed my negative emotions, I feel crappy. I remember getting spanked as a kid and I just felt hatred towards my parents. I don't want my son to feel that about me. For me getting spanked is like a release, I get to have a good cry and I feel better for it at the end, I doubt my son feels that way though and how can you ever know when it's a five year old?

Actually 5 is already quite old to understand very well. Sometimes my kids don't even cry cause they know they have it coming. I remember slapping one of my kids hands when they threw their bowl off the high chair. When I approached him, he knew he had it coming so when I slapped his hand, he didn't even make a peep. I'll always remember that to this date. But the main thing to remember is for the parent to be on control with their emotions in check just like your husband is with you. As far as thinking that they might build hatred towards us I don't think will be the case. After a spank you have to show them love and hug them and make peace and explain the situation. I never spank them and walk away. I'll spank them and let them cry briefly and then go to their level and talk to them further about what's right and wrong. Typically I find that my kids like the boundaries and respect that punishment enforces the boundaries. I find that their siblings respect us more because they know that it pays off to behave and can see what happens when their siblings don't. In other words, it's hard to insist on good behaviour from one kid when bad behaviour goes unpunished on another.

I have always been very anti spanking for kids but I read some research on line the other day about spanking and the study showed that those kids who were spanked in a controlled way by a loving parent have grown up to be more sucessful than those children who were not spanked. I think I beat myself up for little reason, most kids were spanked where I grew up and we turned out ok.

I would agree with stop beating yourself up! :)

lol, ok... thanks :o)

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Bouncy castles are awesome! Better to be the mom disheveled and sweaty than the boring mom whose children want nothing to do with them!

Oh I don't think I'll ever be boring lol, I have too much trouble trying to control myself for that to happen :o)

Giggle ~ Oh I think it was totally worth getting spanked for.

lol, well... I guess if you don't laugh sometimes, what's life for?

Exactly! Although we best not tell the husbands about my response. I know mine would find it unacceptable

I really laughed with this story!! :-)<br />
Jumping on those castles is just awesome!! I would have done just the same! Lucky me, my husband adores my inner girl... At least most of times, lol.

My Husband also enjoys my fun side just not when it involves bouncy castles, flashed knickers and missing shoes it seems :o)

Well he has behavioral standards for you. I am sorry he decided to punish you but it is his option.

Yes and I know what he expects of me so really I only have myself to blame.

It sounds like you were having fun. I'm sorry it ended so poorly. Hope your bottom and your pride feel better soon.

Lol. You always cheer me up on a Monday. You didn't deserve the spanking though. Although you probably enjoyed that more than the bouncy castle. You are a naughty girl. xxxxx

Well it's nice to know I made you smile :o)

I can see where he was a bit upset about somethings. <br />
<br />
I do hoped your shoe turns up. It is a bummer to lose a favorite one. (I'm a little bit of a shoe girl) <br />
<br />
Hope the spanking wasnt too bad and hope you are able to make things better sooner rather than later with your Husband.

No it's still not come to light, hell only knows where he's hidden it :o)

Ok so crazy question. Was you more in trouble for jumping with your son or for what got shown off or all of it.

Both, he said I'd made a fool of myself. Ladies don't behave in such a manner :o)