Bring Up Kids In A Tih Home

I have a question to perants out there that are in a tih relationship. How do you let your man correct you when the kids are up and will not leave you alone for a few min. Do you wait til later or what so far I have not gotten in trouble enough for a spanking yet but when I do not sure what todo about them. And to make matters worse me sister and her man live with us too and dose not get the tih is all about so I have to worry about her hearing me in trouble and starting issue with my man and my family. Any help on these would be great.
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We wait until the kids are in bed and asleep. Like everyone said this is a challenge but for us necessary.

My husband will just tell me then and there if he thinks I'm doing something I shouldn't but there are no mention of spankings. He will generally say "we'll talk about this later" I know that usually means a spanking but it isn't given until the kids are in bed asleep. At the moment they are young and it's easy to manage, they haven't woken up or anything. I don't know what we will do when they are older and up for longer.

That is what we have founds works for us as well. As for my sister she nows leaves two days a week for her job. So we mainly take care of any of my mishappens during that time ty for your thoughts

welcome :o)

Our kids are older. So we have them leave the house. It is a challenge waiting till they are gone to be disciplined sometimes. Perhaps you can wait till they are asleep or find some alone time each week. It can be challenging. If you order a Loopy Johnny off the internet. It doesn't make much noise when used for spanking that is another idea. Good luck

I haven't seen or experienced a Loopy Johnny .....

I stuff my face in a pillow. We have the rule that Yelling or screaming is disrespectful...soooo I have learned to only cry

That is a tricky situation... <br />
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For us, when our kids are around we excuse our selves to our bedroom. For serious punishment like a big spanking or corner time we wait until they are in bed... And hopefully asleep. We also have a D/s aspect to our relationship so we reserve play time for when our kids are not home or already asleep.

I would wait until the children are asleep to discipline you, I would get your husband to request to your sister and her man that you need the house for awhile, get them to have dinner out at least once a fortnight so you can use the time for dealing with any infractions. <br />
If your husband feels the need to discipline you that night I would recommend a silent spanker which is deep heat cream to rub into your buttocks or using the loopy johnny to spank you. <br />
Your husband could make you do punishments like withdrawing privileges e.g. internet, money, standing in a corner, writing essays/lines etc to get the message through or sexual punishments by not allowing you to *** etc. <br />
Good luck and I hope you can come to an arrangement that you are both happy with. <br />
Peace <br />
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All your answer were great and help alot. Ty