Well It Happened

Well I was spanked for the first time tonight. About four hours later later and my bottom is still kinda warm. I did not get very many swats at all but the ones i got sure make things real for me. I will have to say after i was told to get off the wall and come to bed I looked him dead in the eyes and could see the man I meet 9 years ago and fell in love with. In this past week before I got my bun toasted I had to write sentences and extra chories so i was well do for my spanking. I will say I have read a lot of stories and an hour of a spanking i got would have made me pass out. I completely think a good spanking is good but to me some of it is over kill, but each to their own if it works for you then great just not our cup of tea
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Ty for your words but I just want to clear things up I did spanked good for my miss up but it was not for an hour I only got a few swats but they hurt like hell. I was just sayin that other stories were ppl have been spanked for an hour is just too much for me and my man. Sorry for the misunderstanding on this. And I did tell him ty. I do after each punishment no matter what I was give.

Congratulations...of sorts. and Ouchy... Remember when reading dear every couple is different. I have never been spanked for an hour. When I have been spanked I can tell you I certainly am well aware of it an hour later.

What is important is that you learn from it. It sounds to me like your dear man loves you very much and did what he needed to show you that love. & Provide the guidance you needed. Please be aware it is not easy for him to discipline you just as that pain was not easy for you. I hope that you took the time to tell him thank you. It is good to make a practice no matter how many tears are running out of your eyes to always let him know you appreciate him loving and caring for you with a simple thank you.

Now Thank You for sharing your story. I am most Proud of You, the first time, well the first few times are hard. Sharing it with others could not have been all that easy for you either.
Hugs ~ Jenna

It works when done correctly.

Every TIH is different. Each person has to find the one that works for both of them.

I think our TiH relationship is tame to a lot of stuff I've read on here, the most I've had is five swats with his belt and that was bad enough. My Husband seems to handle me like yours does, I've had to do extra chores this week too. I find it hard cause they seem really silly sometimes.

Ty it is working for us. I do think some of is over kill but if it work for other that is great. It seems we have a lot in common with our tih lifestyle

Do you ever feel turned on after you get spanked.

lol, hugely. We both do so it nearly always ends in sex. I know they say you're not supposed to do that but it never hurt us :o)

Congrats! It is very difficult to find a dd relatonship that works, and it seems you found it. I am happily married, but my wife is not into, so don't press the issue.

Congrats! Its wonderfully you got what you needed from your experience. Everyones relationship and needs are different and its great you found what works for you!