Flying I Phone

Today was not a cool day. Kids were especially difficult and they pushed my temper all afternoon, so I was soooo glad when they felt asleep!
So I was drinking a cold beer while hubbie was putting a movie and then... My neighbor decided to start a karaoke party and woke them up again. I didn't think. I just reacted when I heard them crying. I threw my I phone flying. I was so frustrated... As I watched the thing falling to the floor all I could think of was closing my eyes. I just heard "pick it up NOW! and beg it is still working" Of course I did exactly that. It works... He then went upstairs to see the boys. But I saw that look in his eyes: I'm in trouble! And I'm not looking forward at his return downstairs. I am considering pleading, even that's not my style at all...
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4 Responses Sep 22, 2012

Lmao!! Ha ha... so sorry for laughing but this is just the sort of thing that happens in our house, hope the spanking wasn't too bad :o)

Hope your feeling much better today sweetie. Motherhood is not nearly as easy as it looks.

Hope the pleading worked...! Sometimes everything comes together as a series of coincidences and the effect it has on us is beyond our capability! We are only human, and not super women! I hope he understands that.

Well I didn't plead. It's always in vain. I softened things a little with a super submissive attitude at his return.
He understands a lot, but throwing things... Never. I was a fool really. I love my iPhone and it would have been awful to loose it like that. My outbursts are my worst enemy!!!!

Good luck hun! I know how you feel, I've been there before. Hopefully it will not be too bad *hugs*