Our Dear Hoh's Instead Of Lectures ..........

This is humor only.

Some of the ladies and I were thinking, in place of those wonderful insightful lectures you gentlemen have so carefully been delivering to us before you discipline. Perhaps you would
consider trying the more biblical approach.

We could sit at your feet wide eyed listening as you teach us with parables. We are most certain you could cleverly write modern day, as well as adapt some of the tried and true old parables from the old and new testaments. To educate us about what we have done wrong, and how things should have gone. How things should be by telling us these stories.

Much the way Jesus taught when he walked the earth. How heart warming the experience would be. Why you could even have the children gather around and make it a learning time for the entire family. Then follow with a discussion time about what we have learned from the parable. How it applies to our own lives.

While I know this could lead to a very pleasant family experience, and take up a great deal of time, possibly not leaving enough time for a spanking after wards. The benefit of us ladies gaining such in depth knowledge of our behavior, and improvement of our behavior does out weigh such a loss....

Ok...If any of you are buying in to this let me know...My husband just laughed and said something to the effect of "nice try~now go get me the paddle" "and I will show you a parable"
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7 Responses Sep 26, 2012

I started reading and I was like, whoa, I don't see that happening. lol. My hubby would have said something similar.

he's, one smart cookie.

At least you both got a laugh out of it.

Thanks Peter

...and to top it all: my husband doesn't believe how many Christian husbands spank their wives! He clearly reckons this is something that happens mainly in Islamic circles! lol

Really?! Wow until recently I didn't realize Islamic husbands did it.

omg, lol, priceless

I'm sure my Husband will not go for it either and would have said something similar :-)

lol, I think my Husband would say the same thing :o)