Dressing To Please Your Man

Hi everyone,
I am a Man with traditional views and a keen interest in the Taken in Hand lifestyle. I have a few questions for the ladies regarding attire.

Ladies, do you tend to dress to please your man? Does this mean that you dress in a more feminine way, e.g, skirts, dresses, aprons in the home. (not that you can't look feminine in pants!).

Does your HOH have a say in what you wear? If so, do you have rules you have to follow or just general guidelines. How did you react when your HOH took your outfits and clothing choices in hand? Or does your man not really notice and not care how you dress and how do you feel about that?

Thanking you
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I'm usually in a dress or skirt. Unless I ask to wear pants I'm spanked if caught.

Hubby insists on skirts or dresses only and no bare legs so tights, holdup or stockings have to be worn. He doesn't usually choose outfits every day but does go shopping with me and asks me to try an outfit out before he will approve and buy it.

At least when wearing clothes he chooses it keeps him happy.

i love to dress as i'm told. there is something so nice about feeling that i'm wearing clothes that a man enjoys seing me in and finds sexy

I have always dressed for him, since day one in our relationship. He doesn't ask specific outfits but I know his tastes. He adores jeans as much as dresses. Only thing he's always worried about is me getting cold.
I guess he loves me in anything as long as I'm warm, lol. And the hair!! I must use it long and natural. No colouring. He hates artificial and overproduction.

Thanks anonimacy, love long hair as well

I have always dressed to please my husband, even before I was taken in hand if he said he didn't like a particular outfit, I was put off wearing it. Now I know my husband especially likes me to wear fit and flare style dresses so we choose the fabric together and I make them myself but there is always leeway, sometimes skirts and dresses are just not practical.

Thanks Roberta, when you say fit and flare style dresses do you mean similar to vintage 1950s style (sort of swishy A-line skirts)?. Thats so nice you choose the fabric together.

that's the kind I mean yes :o)

I have always dressed to please my husband. If he did not approve of something then I did not wear it. This includes before we officially went TIH. The difference is now there would be consequences. I believe it is a basic to the marriage or partnership to meet the approval of the HOH

Thanks Jenna. I am sure you have learnt well His likes and dislikes!

I have to wear a uniform for my employment out side the home, so we don't get much say in that part of the wardrobe.At home my Husband prefers me to wear as little as possible, as often as possible. This isn't always possible as we have teenage children at home, amd we are often "the house" they all gather at. When we go out on a date I usually get to pick my outfit. I usually pick a skirt or dress because I know it is something He likes me to wear.I do have a big choice and say in what I wear in comparison to some others. But I do try to pick something he would like.

Thank you HubbysBaby