2nd Spanking Impending...

As i mentioned earlier, I have been wondering when the second spanking would come in my relationship.. I asked him specifically to spank me again last night, because I could feel myself getting a little defiant, and anxious.  Not disresfectful really, I always try to be a good girl and differ to his judgement as we have agreed on.  He said, 'You'll be spanked again when I decide to spank you.'  

Then we went to bed.

He is renting a room near my home, since he is back from overseas, because I am staying in my mother's home, and it is small.  She has offerred up her room to us, which is very generous of her, but he feels it would be inappropriate.  And I agree.  
So I have been getting up very early in the morning, to go home and get my son ready and on time for school.  After that, I usually fall asleep for a few hours before returning to his room, to accomplish our plans for the day.

But this morning was different.  He was leaving to go spend the weekend with his daughter, and asked me to be back at 9am, so he could pick up his rental car and get on the road.  I asked him for a little more time, he said 'no'.  But I was very tired, and ended up being about an hour and a half late.  
I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

When I returned, he was very stressed out and angry.  It was a very stern and serious lecture, with a look on his face that made me want to cry.  Lucky, he got out of town relatively quickly, but not before he told me how selfish it was of me to take time away from his daughter, who needs him, just because I wanted to sleep.  I felt very badly about it, but I hadn't realized how important it was.  
I was scared to even check my email this evening.  But when I finally did, this is what I recieved:
Made it here safely, and passport is being processed.
Do not dwell on this morning. I will punish you when I get home, but do not want you feeling sad or guilty.
Start working on the house for your mother's thing.

I think the fact that I asked for it last, might have worked in my favor once he got on the road.  But now, of course I'm back to the anticipation, and building it up in my head.  Thank goodness this time is only a few days, not a whole year!
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I really don't think he wants you to stress. He is just letting you know that this thing won't change the way he feels about you/that it isn't something that's going to drive you apart/that he loves you even if he is upset with you. And you should be happy really, he sounds like a sweet guy. I hope everything will be fine :). Being far away from eachother isn't always easy ether...

I think the waiting and anticipation are the hardest part of a punishment.

But waiting a year, and waiting a few days can hardly be compared. And I really think he was trying to make me feel better.

I agree

I agree. I really don't believe there was any hidden meaning in it, at all. It was just his way of telling me he will take care of it when he returns. Honestly, I think he's already forgiven me, but the correction still must be made to my behavior. Yes, I have a sore bottom in my future, but he still loves me. He's still there, and everything will be fine. And yes, I am disappointed in myself, and I have a hard spanking ahead, but that part is inevitable given the rules of our relationship. However, it wasn't a transgression that's unforgiveable and there is no threar of abandonment. So I am going to do as you advise, focus on what must be done while he is gone, and try to make him proud with what I accomplish over the weekend! Thank you, friend!

Rule of thumb- What does someone do when someone says, "don't worry about it"? They worry about it, of course! He knows what he's doing. :) That's almost worse than the punishment itself. Good luck!

Maybe, true. But the barage of disappointment and stern disapproval was pretty harsh. Knowing I will be forgiven is in some way a relief.

Waiting is hard! I have a husband that travels for his job and I understand. Hugs