A Morning In My Life

I can't wake up. I hear the distant sound of the alarm.... Oh ****! This week seems to last forever. I close my eyes tight as I hear you, rushing around the bed. "Love, wake up. We're already late ". I open an eye and check on the clock. "F...., I'm tired!!!!! I don't want to wake up!!!! I hate my life, always running, always too busy!!! I can't wake up myself and I have to get up the children ???!! I always get the worse. I hate my life!!!!!! " I'm not even aware I am kicking the bed. I'm just grumpy. I'm not a morning person!!! Then I see you, deeply frowning and I met your eyes. I know I'm in trouble as I see you reaching that evil thing, always ready on your nightstand.
You pull the covers away, turn me over and my panties go down in just a quick movement. I feel the sting of the paddle on my bare butt and realize I'm fully awake and alert now. "You - better - behave - your - age " I turn around and met your eyes again. This time your expression is different... I feel the electricity. That sharp wave hitting "there "... In two seconds you remove your clothes and you are inside me. Oh my.... feels soooo good. I can't believe the changes in my mood. Now I'm just... happy.
I hear the distant sound of the children getting up by themselves on the second floor. I hear you. You're close. I can't wait to see you come. I don't care about me. I go on top of you and do what I know you like most.
As we're leaving some time later, I check the clock again. Wow! We're not even that late... I just smile. This day will be great. And I love my life.
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I enjoy being "taken" in this way as well sans the spanking though. My husband LOVES to be taken like this as well and I encourage all women to once in awhile take control and "take" their husbands sexually. Please trust me when I tell you that most men LOVE and CRAVE being desired and aggressively taken in this way.

I think most men like a woman who will spontaneously jump on top and ride. Men like their woman to be lustful for them.

CC is exactly right on this one!
Michelle I talk from experience, it isn't so much dominance as it is being lusted after and desired. My husband is a manly man and he LOVES when I do this. He feels sexy and desirable and even though i constantly tell him how handsome, sexy and hot he is, he also needs to be shown. Men need to be shown how awesome they are just like us ladies.

Or maybe men are as varied in their responses (according to circumstance and stimulation) as women are! Ha! None of you thought of that, did you? So, I win!

My husband is very masculine and could very easily be a "dominant" if i allowed him! ;)

@Michelle - It's an excellent question, and since you've made it a 'story' I've just answered on there. It will be very interesting to follow it and see the responses a week from now

I like this thread much better than the next to last thread. But I think it's appropriate to also move over to Michelle's story.

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Nothing like spirited conjugal intercourse to reset the mood, LOL.

Of course the queen of the Mean Girl Gang might consider this "rape."

I don't think she would at all - LOL

It's not rape if its consensual. I really wish you would stop referring to others as mean people. Those women you consider mean are among the most caring on here. I am going to start referring to you as mean because you seem to enjoy provoking others.

@ Gumshoejane : They coined the term Mean Girl Gang, not me. How can you say I owe it to her not to use her own term? I don't enjoy provoking others. She is the one who does by her own admission. I happen also to think that my women friends on EP are a heckuva lot more caring persons than yours. Part of my grievance against the Mean Girls is their unprovoked attacks on my EP friends of both genders.

@ damselfly : Read her lengthy story on the subject. I have gone through it with a fine-toothed comb and red-highlighted the most striking parts.

I do also agree with you that most of the ladies in the "submissive wives" club are extremely kind, caring and sweet people. I quite like them and i hope they realize that.

CC you are perfectly mischievous, and you know it. You have given me the giggles

Jane, please tell Dente I remind her about Dr. Daniel Amen's brain health show on PBS telethon weeks. (I'm watching it now.) You know about her husband.

Okay I will, thanks.

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Not such a bad morning after all! lol :-)

Ha ha, lol... this could have been one of my mornings so very easily :o)

Well written, and a great picture. I'm a little jealous. Thank you.

this is awesome! (can't say i'm not a tad jealous. ;-) )