Let's Be Real

I'm learning how to grow into my roll as submissive. I've been bad last week and not only got a good spanking, but I have to do dishes every day for a week! (I hate dishes... I told my hubby that that is why I had children so I didn't have to do them! lol), But I'm actually enjoying doing them and the kitchen has never looked cleaner!!

I'm finding as I am in touch with my submissive side that I'm also more energetic. I hope around the house getting things done left and right. It feels good.

I'm also learning that this ''change'' from traditional to TiH is wonderful... but I've had to get my head out of the clouds. The reality from fantasy to real life can be frustrating and rather fun also.
I remember thinking that my husband must stay in his ''role'' as dominant. He must always be strict and ready to pounce on me with any wrong that I do! WRONG!!!!

Our lives have to naturally progress into these changes. My husband has never been sexier in my eyes as he has lately.... but the man still farts in bed, and forgets to flush the toilet when he pees!

Hardly the fantasy that you read in ''spanking romance novels''.

It's a real life, it's my life, and I am thankful.
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Yes it bugs me that the man can not seem to fine the automatically opening trash can right next to the bathroom counter. But, I wouldn't trade him or his kleenex tossed in the potty for anything in the world.

Oh and at least you have a dishwasher dear. I do all of mine by hand.

Why did I think you had a dishwasher...I should have known If I don't have one you would not either...lol

Ha ha, I think everyone who is married understands that part, I know I have my annoying habits too, like when I file my feet in front of him lol... he hates that but that's life lol :o)

you ladies will corrupt me yet!! LOL! Now before *I* get it, I need to get work done.. Loved your story- thanks. :)

Lol, yes... Real life is quite different right?
I hate those times when my husband isn't the cool and confident man Of my dreams. Truth is... Nobody is cool 24/7. He sometimes acts like a child, get obsessive, stubborn, grumpy and workaholic. :)