First Spanking For 2013

I've had such a crappy day today. I took the kids to ASDA this morning to get them new clothes and that was a task and a half. My husband gave me a strict budget so I was totting up as I went along. The kids were being a pain, they wanted certain tops with cartoon characters on, which we all know are always more expensive so I was having to say no all the time which didn't go down too well.

I got out of the shop feeling tired and frustrated and then when I started the car up, there was a 'clunk' noise. I thought maybe it's the hand brake sticking or something, the car drove ok and sounded ok so after that so I didn't pay much attention to it and just carried on.

Half way home I got a red light on the dash "engine malfunction" with a picture of a spanner. We were on a fairly main road but in the country, and in about 30 seconds of getting the light, the car just lost power! I was really stressed and scared. I'm not good with cars and I was on my own with three kids. I put on the hazard lights and phoned my husband.

My husband said to phone the brake down company but I had to tell him I couldn't because I hadn't entered the details into my phone yet. He phoned them for me but even though he didn't say anything then, I knew I was in big trouble so I started crying in front of the kids. I have been reminded to put all the important numbers into my phone so many times and I really wish I had now.

My son then started crying because he had been invited to a girl in his class's birthday party at a local pizza restaurant and he was worried he wouldn't get to go. That then set off the other two, luckily my husband came to meet us and got there just in time to talk to the brake down guy so that at least was ok. We got towed back to the garage and we were able to get my son to his party on time.

If I hadn't been able to get hold of my husband I could have been in real trouble earlier so I got another lecture about safety and then a really hard spanking with the paddle tonight. I had finished crying and he was rubbing some cold aqueous cream on my bum and then he said " but I am pleased that you didn't go over budget when you were shopping". At least that's one thing. I wonder if there will ever be a time when I will do everything I'm supposed to, so no spankings? I was doing so well too.

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You are a very naughty, but warm and wonderful wife.

Yeah, I know I'm not perfect.... Man I was upset that day but the positive thing is, the numbers are all in my phone now :o)

It must help to remember that you DECIDED on this lifestyle...?

Yes and I know it's for the best but this story does show that discipline is always hard, even when you asked for it :o)

Maybe 'no spankings' would be a bad thing for you. A great quote (which maybe I'll get to share with you more fully one day) is from an autobiography.

"Coach was very hard on you today That's a good thing. When you're screwing up and nobody says anything to you any more, it means they have given up on you."

Awww, that\'s a great quote and soo so true. Thanks :o)

Maybe it's your subconscious and you need those spankings

I know I am happiest living this way :o)

I hope you put the numbers in the phone. Sorry to hear you got paddled for forgetting the number but with 3 kids it sometime easy to forget what you have to do on day to day.

Yes Thanks I did it the very next day lol :o)

I know you did really need a spanking forgetting the phone numbers. The kids are the ones who need the spanking for making you forget what your doing I know this I got kids to and they are a handfull.

I know spankings can be hard, but they are also to help us!
You wrote that you forgot to put all the info on your phone.
So your hubby helped you by calling the co. and fetching you and spanking you too.
How lucky are you to have such a great hubby who cares and also helps you so
you don't end of helpless another time?

Oh I know but I am a fool to myself. Seriously it's not funny how many times he reminded me to put those numbers into my new phone and it would have been better if I had just done it and then I wouldn't have had to have had the sore arse in the process. Hey ho... I will learn one day :o)

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad day. I’ve had a car die right underneath me. I know how unsettling that can be. I’m glad you were able to reach your husband. As to wondering if there will ever be a time when you will do everything you’re supposed to, my husband laughs when I ask what happens when I finally do everything right. Maybe you’ll have better success! :)
Oh, and your story reminded me that I need to extend our son’s phone service, so thank you!!

Yeah get it done, they are quick enough at spanking if you don't lol :o)

Yes! Thankfully, it’s done now. :)

Oh... what a day!!! I'm sorry my friend. I can understand you sooo well. I have days like this from time to time (especially if I'm under PMS!!!)
Anyway, I made a policy not to go shopping with the kids. It's easier and cheaper :) Besides, boys can do perfectly wearing what mommy chooses for them, they really don't care about clothes!

You know you are right, I would have normally left them with my husband but he wanted to do some DIY :o)

I'm sorry you earned a spanking, but am glad the numbers are in your phone now. And I'm glad he's looking out for your safety. It's great to have someone like that, I'm sure.

Yeah, my husband is a rock and I know he really cares, that's why he does what he does :o)

Sorry for all your troubles Roberta. Some days it seems to go like that. Hoping you have a much better day today. Glad your husband was available to help you and your children when it was needed. Sorry that you earned a bit of reinforcement, but I imagine the important numbers are now in your phone. Might well make the difference in some future emergency.

yes they are in the phone, they were in there as soon as I got through the door lol but I'm ashamed I didn't do it before.

I'm terrible about putting some things off. Great at most of what I do get done, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist. However, the other side of that coin is that I do sometimes procrastinate about getting some things done and can wind up putting them off to the last minute or telling myself I'll do it another day. Guess my best days, in the past, were when I was in a structured environment with a good deal of guidance and occasional discipline. Thrived then, accomplished a lot, felt good about myself and was generally happier then in later years. Sounds like you have a LOT of positives in your life and are blessed to have the love and guidance of a good husband. May you continue to be blessed, in the days ahead.

I am very similar to you in that description at least and yes I am definitely thriving under good guidance and occasional discipline. I am extremely lucky I know, my husband is an amazing man and a fantastic husband and father. I really want to try my best and not let him down again :o)

Oh Roberta, I feel for you hunny....I think my wife would divorce me after a spanking....but I'm glad you're still smiling (sort of, lol) and I'm glad the day worked out in the end.

yeah it worked out ok but now we're wondering how much it's going to cost, probably loads so good job I stayed in budget :o(

Does the husband ever get spanked ?