How do I get the discipline I need so badly when my husband does not know what I have done or feel guilty about. Maintaince spankings are RARE and discipline are even less. He believes I am a perfect angel now.
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Give me his #, I will update him. Just tell him naughty gauge is full & due for your "tune-up".!!!!

I have not read this whole thread so forgive me if this has been mentioned. I think you and he should have regular (daily, weekly, etc) times when you may confess to him anything you have done wrong or you feel guilty about . This may or may not lead to punishment, but it lets you unburden yourself and keeps him in the loop as to your behavior and feelings.

Keep talking with him about it, but preferably out of the bedroom or wherever you are disciplined. Could this be a lifestyle that is one-sided and only you are really interested? If so, it will be an uphill battle. Maybe pointing out how well you behave and how happy you are following discipline will help him see it is what is best for you. I hope he comes around and you get both the love and discipline you crave.

Amen. couldn't have said it better myself.

Maintaining discipline is actually a lot of work. He's getting so he expects you to be good without him having to work at it, and your poor behind isn't getting the spankings it needs to feel appreciated. Perhaps buy him a nice new whip or crop for a gift, and some nipple clamps if he doesn't have those already.

if i can throw in my 2 cents here....
you know what U need. tell him, in soft tones and in a respectful manner.
don't get in his face and DEMAND that he do it...
remind him that you tink that discipline IS in your BEST INTEREST...
U have marital rights too, U know.
Good Luck to U.

ouch... besides mentioning, your purple behind your needs and his lack of desire to help meet them, put U in a precarious position.
you can get a, "ride on the side" or sit and, (not) suffer. i don't envy your state in this relationship.
U R tap dancing in a mine field.

not to worry. U aren't the only one who has ever had those thoughts....
so, U can stop beating up on yourself.

Brat??? Lol (I'm just kidding... Sort of)