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I introduced TIH to my husband on the 14th of this month. He's all for it and we have been doing a lot of research as many people take it to different levels. Spanking, no spanking, corner time etc. To me it feels like we have already had this relationship on some level but with no "title". He has put his foot down before with me and I comply. I would consider myself submissive but only to him. However reading somethings I guess im not a true submissive. I have that "irish temper" which is hard to control most of the time.

My husband is very sweet, always in tune with my feelings, never complains (even when he's annoyed) helps with the kids etc. I guess after 13 years with him I've picked up on signs that he has a what most people call a "dominate" side. I love love love it when he says my name in "that voice" it sends shivers right thru me!

I honestly felt like I was weird thinking that I wanted/needed his control but wanted/needed him to be sweet and attentive. Who knew that had a title? Lol

Anyways, Im happy to say he's going to give this a try for me. Playful spankings are fun and still gives me a release of tension when im in a mood, but I knew it wasn't enough. We will see how this works. Im excited and nervous of our first "punishment" spanking. I can't bring myself to annoy him just to get spanked. I love seeing him happy. But I been good for awhile and I know that a blow out is bound to happen! Yikes!

We have two kids, trying to figure out how this works around them. Suggestions?
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Good luck guys!!! I bet you'll both enjoy this turn !

Thank you so much! We are enjoying this. I have read a lot of your stories (we both have). We really enjoy them. I can relate to you so much. My husband agrees as well. I have def learned a lot so far from you. Thank you for posting your experiences.

Oops i ment definitely not def. Sorry about that.

I have my spankings once the kids are asleep, they know nothing of our TiH relationship, the most they understand is that Daddy seems to make the important decisions.

We never do anything with the kids awake either. But what if its one of those moments when something needs to be handled asap? I guess tell them mommy and daddy need to go talk and then spanking after bed. Its not uncommon to say that for us. We don't argue in front of the kids and don't talk grown up talk in front of them. So I guess mostly they will think nothing of it

My husband will firmly tell me in front of the kids, they know he's defininitly the boss but they don't see any of the spanking. My husband will often pinch my bottom hard whilst we are out of sight of other people but in the company of others, it's a little reminder of what might come later if I am acting out of turn. It is surprisingly effective :o)

Lol Roberta!!!! I could have written those exact words!! My husband handles things exactly the same

he got the idea from a story on here lol, it might even have been yours I can't remember :o)

Sounds like something my husband would do. But I can see that being effective. I hate being pinched but enjoy a good spanking. Go figure! Lol

I am just happy that my husband leads me and stops me doing the destructive things that have a negative effect on a marriage. I am happy whatever discipline he decides to give me even if I don't like it at the time :o)

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Let's see how to start this....... she started "introducing" me to it months ago I just never picked up on the blatant hints. For me you need to spell it out. Well she has.
As to what you posted the nice spankings are working so to say for now but I can see that there'll be a need for a more thorough one sooner or later.


Yes a few months ago. But details and being completey open, this week. You have picked up nicely I might add. Maybe ill blog about that too ;)

FEY Ta gra ugm duit

Lol yes irish temper gets the best of me most times.

Ok, so I comply sometimes! :)