Our First Few Days In A Tih Relationship

Today is day 6 since we started TIH. Its glorious!

The night I told him this is what I want, we talked for a bit. The next day after the kids went to school, we just read article after article. I told him what I liked and didn't like. It was like everytime I looked at him there was a smile in both our eyes and hearts.

Trying to stress to him that it is more the connection rather the spanking im looking for. That I don't want him to change, I just don't want him to hold back or close up. I do enjoy a good spanking , don't get me wrong BUT I wanted him to feel that connection afterwards too. For him to know my love for him is so much deeper then a simple "I love you" saying that is not a habit for me. Each time I say it I feel my heart skip a beat, a lump in my throat, searching his expression after I say. I say it from my core. Does that make sense to anyone else? Either way it makes sense to me.

Our 2nd day into TIH we had errands to run. He's looking at switching careers and we had the perfect moment to go get some information. On any normal day I probably wouldn't have gone. Just because I/he was either
A: Not offered
B: "He justed wanted to go real quick"
C: he seemed to be distant for some reason
I love going places with him. I always want to spend every minute with him. But now I want that even more. Since we agreed to try this its almost like were "Brand New". Make sense?

We talked and talked during the car ride. Even stopped at Wawa for some food (even though I wasn't hungry) but my sugar was bound to drop soon. He expressed his concerned for that, so I just got a little something. I knew he was right and sometimes I don't realize my sugar is dangerously low until its too late. Soo no argument needed to happen there.

After we picked up our kids and handled after school activities, we went out for dinner. That's when I knew he "gets it"! Here are somethings he did that showed me he's trying, showed me he's serious about giving this a go and most importantly is looking at this Lifestyle as a way to reconnect vs just having control.

1. The minute he got in the car HE KISSES ME (Aww)
2. Holds my hand for the car ride (we always used to do that)
3. Didn't get annoyed when I wanted him to pick the restaurant.
4. Took my hand and held it walking from the car
5. Fed me a peice of shrimp I wanted to try vs just putting it on my plate.
6. He kept looking at me (gosh I love that)

Even after dinner we need to hit the store for one little thing. This is normally when the kids or I ask "can we all go in?" And about 95% of the time hos reply is "no, im just running in real quick" or "I guess so but I didn't want to make a big family trip out getting one thing" but this time the kids asked "can we come in?" To which he replied "SURE were all out spending time together but were just getting something real quick" (holy cow, really?) lol that blew my mind, honestly. Naturally the kids were kids in the store and had to be talked to BUT it was nice. Something so simple showed me he values the time he has with us, he understands reconnecting, he's paying attention and that well..... makes my heart melt.

Last night he told me some of the reasons why he don't like shopping together (aside from being a guy and dreading it) is because I get snippy with sales people. Either there moving to slow for me or they have a chip on there shoulder so ill give them some attitude. It almost always happens. I don't like being like that and most the time I don't realize im doing it. Something he says we need to work on and I agree 100%.

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I love how you are so conscious and happy about little things. Amazing how small gestures can make such a big difference!
Holding hands in public is important for me too. I dislike crowded places and I get uncomfortable and irritable sometimes. When he holds my hand tight and leads the way I can relax... Same happens when we're in the car. I LOVE to drive but it's always better when he's on the wheel while stroking my knee...

You took the words right out my mouth! Lol you are so right. I don't do well around crowds and parties when I hardly know anyone. But hubby is a social butterfly, he is great in all crowds and situations. He gets along with everyone. Being the opposite its hard. But as long as he keeps me close I handle it so well.

Thank you for your comments. I've come to realize if I just let him take control in the store its fine. And if he sees me getting frustrated he will give my hand a squeeze or he will clear his throat. A good way for now to put me in check (so to speak). Im glad it makes sense to you :)

We have been "spanking" for years. I normally will lay across his lap. He goes to town and I feel emotionally better. He never knew that was one of my main reasons for wanting it. Im Sooo happy where doing this and he sees the me I've hidden for so long. Im amazed at the connection we now have after only a week. We had a great connection before but TIH puts it on a new level for us. :)

And I too feel like a delicate flower when he does that. Good analogy! Didn't think if it like that :)

For us spanking is cleansing, I love how all the wrongs and stresses are washed away and resentment doesn't start to build up. I love how we are kept at our best, always working to please the other one and that means love is kept renewed :o)